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So I made it and it has been one hell of a week. I have only been here 7 days and in so little time I have accomplished so much. I have a job lined up for my local starbucks, but things get a bit tricky since I am not permitted for a working visa due to my stay only being 4 months, (supposedly you have to live here for more then 6 in order to work) The manager and crew seem extremely nice and welcoming, and i know i would fit right in.
The city is amazing, our apartment is located literally in the dead center of downtown vancouver. When I want to go to the library or to a club, bar or what ever it is I want or need, I walk right out on the street and bam theirs is great downtown vancouver.
The transportation here is also really sophisticated. I am part of a program thats called "exchange" witch basically means that I pay for the student who comes to my schools tuition and he pays for mine. Well in UBC this transit pass witch is a pass with your picture on it witch allows you to use any bus or train anywhere in the entire city for free unlimited all day is automatically paid for. This is huge, since everything in any city is always a bit more expensive then elsewhere. Cigarettes out here are 10 dollars, food is crazy expensive, beer is 25 dollars for a 12 pack, and a single beer at a bar is 7.75 on average.
The night life is wayyyy to much fun. I have only been here a week and I have met so many people at local pubs and bars. Not only is it crazy fun here at night, but everyone is so welcoming and polite no matter where you go. For the gay population their is a street in downtown witch is called Davie street, witch is basically the street where the entire gay population lives, socializes, and partys. I love it.
But, now its dinner time, so I have to go, my next blog will be soon and I will be going into what its like to live with 3 other people in a 2 bedroom 1 bathroom 850 square foot apartment.
Cheers (everyone says that up here)! lol
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