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Driving all over Israel was, for the most part, exciting and fun. It allowed my friend and me to create a new soundtrack of memories, figuratively and literally. I remember first pulling out of Jerusalem to George Clinton’s “Atomic Dog,” driving to Dimona listening to mixed cd that included a “Six Days” remix, and, on the four-hour drive from Eilat to Talpiot, barely staying awake until we broke into song: a hearty rendition of “Ease on Down the Road” from the Wiz.  I woke up my friend, stating, “Okay, Shosha. If you don’t want met to drive off this turn and kill us all, you need to wake up and keep me up.” So we sang. We would sing past check points and as I passed cars; over her screaming children and over the roar of the engine since, as a foreigner, the Israelis couldn’t ticket me.. But to the point: Driving to Acre, or Akko, was not so much fun. I believe we were heading from Nazareth. Everyone was starving. We had seen nothing but a mount of cows at the Mount of Precipice, and a watermelon stand with the most juicy, delicious-looking melons that I couldn’t turn around in traffic for. We needed Acre to be one mile up. Instead, it must have been 10, and another 5, 10, infinite miles up. Time and again, we considered stopping for some food. The only place we saw, however, was McDonald’s. We saw so many McDonald’s that we made a game of counting them. Global corporations. Gotta love-hate ‘em.

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Mystery restaurant.
Mystery restaurant.
photo by: peterbc2