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Tonight (17AUG) marks 20 years that my sister, Terri, has been with the Lord.  She died in a house fire back in 1992.


People can make impacts on our lives that forever changes us, and without a hesitation Terri is number 2 on my list (Jesus being #1).  She helped shape my course of life that has made an indelible mark on my life.


Terri and I were both adopted when we were babies from separate families yet we had a connection. We looked like brother and sister and even thought alike, we even knew what each other was thinking, not reading each other's minds but knowing each other's spirit that we would know what they were going to say or even could finish each other's sentences.   We were Best Friends! 


I dream about here from time to time and even dreamed about her a few days ago.  What an Awesome God we have who knows us better than we do, the Lord allowed me the privilege of hugging, kissing and telling my sister I Love You the last time I was with her, and even the last one in my family to talk to her on the phone before she went home to be with the Lord.  I can't describe to you what that means to me. 


Most of all the comfort is in knowing that she has a personal relationship with God and why that is so comforting to me is that I know I will see her again only because of the fact that I too have a personal relationship with God by Jesus Christ dying for my sins and me asking for His forgiveness and for Him to come and live in me, I Know LIFE!  Terri and I will one day stand before God with Great Rejoicing!  You see if you dont know for sure that you will go to Heaven and live with God then you're taking a chance that you Won't!  If that is you, unsure, please read my other Blogs on Myspace!  But Terri and I will see each other again, and of that I have NO doubt!


Until then I will accomplish the purpose and mission God has in store for me here on Earth, but I will NOT forget. 


 Terri, She went Home to be with the Lord on August 17, 1992.


Terri was my Best Friend who impacted my life in a BIG way! Both Terri and I were Adopted just after birth. In September 1985, just after I found my Natural Family, Terri wrote me this Awesome Letter!


"Dear Dave,

     Since you are never at home & I go to bed with the chickens...I thought I'd better write.

    I wanted you to know how much I love you & how close I feel to you!  Even today we can just look at each other & know what the other is thinking or fixing to say.  I am so proud to be your sister & even more joyed that God has placed His hand on you to glorify His word.

    I do not know how much the news of your other brothers & sisters has disturbed you.  But, I do know how I feel about mine.  I hope you will love your other side, as I, knowing how wonderful the gift of life is. Yet I would not trade one day of growing up with you, Karanne, Mom & Dad.

    My earliest memory of you is when your crib was in the room with Karanne and me.  I remember the Christmas we got a tricycle & car, & when we got Shelley (our dog); racing horny toads down the drive way - GI Joe jeep - verses - Barbie convertible; crashing big time on the hike & bike trail; sledding on card board boxes when it snowed -- & then I had to teach you how to drive!!!  I'll never be the same!!!

     Really, my life wouldn't be the same without you my brother.  You are also the closest friend I will ever have & I love & miss you dearly.  So pick up a pen sometime!

    God opens doors when He knows you are ready & never gives you more than you can handle.  We share more than two families, for every day changes with the comings & goings of people we know.

    You have a heart that can Love many & I know when you meet your other family their lives will be touched.

    I love you & hope to see you before too long.  Take care of yourself.  Be extra caring around Mom & Dad, for although they are strong they hurt & worry for you as deeply as I.


                                                     Terri "lil sis"


One day while mowing the yard Terri found an old T-shirt with the words "Fred's" on it.  She looked at me and said it looked like me so she called me "Fred" from that day on.  Terri was one year and four months Older than me but my nick name for her was "Lil Sis".

Lord, I miss her so much!  I look forward seeing her again in Heaven.

I Love & Miss you Sis!


Dave (Fred)

kingsheart says:
Thanks Dalmia!
Posted on: Jun 29, 2011
Dalmia says:
What a beautiful gesture of rememberence.
Posted on: Jun 29, 2011
kingsheart says:
Thanks Gwen!
Posted on: Jun 26, 2011
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