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"Sam & Mira", Ajja & Bubbie in front of the Geosphere at Epcot.

I cannot believe what just happened: this damned computer just ate my entire entry!  I am too tired to do this now ...  Tomorrow!

I began working on this entry when we returned from Epcot.  I was totally exhausted, then the computer ate the entry.  When my head hit the pillow, I was fast asleep.  It is now October 3rd and I will try to complete it. 

If you have been reading this blog, you will remember I complained about what I thought was a case of poison ivy.  Then I thought it was caused by a somewhat rough fabric rubbing against my legs.  Now I think it is because of the humidity here in the South causing even the lightest fabric to bring on the angry-looking red marks.  It had happened two more times, but walking around Epcot has caused the worst case yet.  I'd show you a picture, but I don't want you to hurl!

We left the hotel on a shuttle bus at 7:45 AM.  The drive to Disney took about 20 minutes, including stops at three other hotels.  It is a free service and very much appreciated.  We were let off at the Magic Kingdom, then took the free Monorail to Epcot.

Upside-down fountain
  Arrival at Epcot is quite impressive with the giant Geosphere (Spaceship Earth) shining in the sun.  It was just a moment for the gates to open to the cheers of the waiting crowd.  The entrance fee is so high: $75 per person for one day.  We had originally thought we would visit two parks in one day.  That would have been an additional $50 each.  As it turned out, we would never have been able to do that.  Epcot is just too big.

Our first visit was to the inside of the Geosphere.  the exhibits are interesting and there is a pleasant ride through human history from the stone age to present-day electronics.  From there our path led past a gorgeous fountain to the "Land Pavilion".  Here we boarded the ride called Soarin'.  It is wonderful, simulating flying in a hang glider or helicopter.  It all takes place over California, so Jag and I felt right at home.  It is a very popular ride and would normally have a very long line of people waiting impatiently.  Today, a Thursday during the school day: no wait!  Very nice.  It turned out that all of the most popular attractions had short lines for the reasons stated or our timing during the lunch and dinner periods.

"Sam & Mira" with Snow White and Dopey

After Soarin' we watched a delightful film called "The Circle of Life", featuring the cartoon characters from Disney's "The Lion King".  It stressed environmental concerns, a much-needed message.

The World Villages came next, beginning with Canada.  They had several tall totem poles and a replica of one of the beautiful buildings in Quebec City.  The movie they showed was in "Circlevision": 360 degrees of synchronized screens.  Canada is scenically so gorgeous and the film was wonderful. 

We continued on to France, complete with a small-scale Eiffel Tower.  They, too, show a film about their beautiful country called “Impressions de France”.  This time, it was in an elegant sit-down theater with a screen that went all the way around to one’s peripheral vision.  The “village” was complete with restaurants and, of course, gift shops.  Outside, we enjoyed the performance of a juggler and his side-kick, a remarkable acrobat balancing on about 4 or 5 stacked up chairs.

"Quebec City" at Canada Pavilion
  They were incredible.


We had a light lunch in Morocco with some of the most stunning architecture in the park.  I felt as if I was in Marrakech.  Jag and I shared a mixed shawerma plate, which included some terrific humus and taboulleh.  The young people working at the various shops and restaurants had only just arrived from their homes in Morocco about a week or two ago.  All are very personable and attractive.  Most will be in the USA for one year, working at Disney World.


We attended a cooking demonstration by a Louisiana chef.

Paris, France - actually, Epcot
  He owns a restaurant near New Orleans.  Jag thought we might go there, but he is not impressed with the menu.  From Louisiana we continued to Japan.  The view through  a torii gate in front of the beautiful temple was to the silvery Geosphere off in the distance.  We took a break from the sun and I went into the shop selling various items from Japan.  The prices nearly knocked me off my feet.  No way would I buy anything. 


From Japan we went to the American Adventure Pavilion.  Almost as soon as we arrived, a fife-and-drum corps marched to the front of the attraction and played the required “Yankee Doodle” and other similar pieces.

"Sam & Mira" with Bubbie in Morocco
  It was great fun.  We entered the building and were awed by the marvelous reproduction of the Capitol rotunda.  A glee club known as “The Voices of Liberty” came in while most of us sat on the marble floor to enjoy their music.  They had a beautiful blend of voices and several very talented soloists.  They reminded me of the Irish group “Anuna”.  When the performance ended one of the singers agreed to pose with “Sam and Mira” for a photograph.  We went into the huge theater for a mixed-media performance of “American Adventure” which included some very life-like “audio-animatronic” figures.  It was very uplifting and patriotic.


Italy came next.

French acrobat balances on a skyscraper of chairs.
  The village looks like Piazza San Marco in Venice.  It was gorgeous.  There was a terrific comic-juggler to entertain the crowd.  We went on to Germany with its Bavarian village look and a cute clock with a couple of wooden figures ringing the bell on the hour.  The Chinese pavilion is being rebuilt.  What is there is utterly gorgeous.  Since it is being refurbished, there is nothing to visit there of any interest.


Norway displayed a remarkable stave church which is built of wood and has fanciful decorations on the roof.  They have a short ride called “Maelstrom”.  There is a short chute the boat slides down, but nobody got wet.

Talented singer enjoys meeting "Sam and Mira"
  I had removed my hat and, as I left the boat, it must have fallen off my lap.  As we sat down in the theater to watch a short film about Norway, I realized the hat was gone!  My Tilley Hat!!!  By some miracle, after checking boat after boat, the one we had been riding in came in.  The people handed Tilley back to me.  I was so sure it was gone forever … I would have been devastated and Jag would have yelled at me no end!  Whew … that was a close call.


Our last pavilion to visit was that of Mexico.  We thought we might consider having dinner there, but the prices were ludicrous: $26 for tacos (or something like that) and one still had to order beans, rice, etc.

Jag enjoys a Roman-style fountain in Italy, Disneyworld
at an additional cost!  We took the “Gran Fiesta de Mexico” tour, which was very cute.  The characters from Disney’s movie, “Three Caballeros” were the narrators. 


We still hadn’t found a place to have dinner, but we took the Test Track ride, advertised as being the longest and fastest of any ride at Disneyland or Walt Disney World.  It lived up to its hype.  It was so much fun and left me breathless and laughing with delight.  I wanted to go again, but old stick-in-the-mud Jag refused.  Pooh! 


Our last ride was “Mission Space”, a simulation of a journey to Mars.

The exquisite China Pavilion
  There are two versions and we opted for the most intense.  BIG mistake!  For me to take a chance on that was very stupid considering the heart problem I have.  I thought it would be like the space simulator at Kennedy Space Center.  It wasn’t … I was amazed.  It is incredibly well done and very life-like.  I have not gotten motion sickness since I was six years old; this ride made me turn green and horribly dizzy.  If I ever go back to Florida, I promise you I will never do that one again!  It is a good thing we had not eaten dinner.  It would have ended up on the far side of my stomach.


We grabbed some light food for dinner and practically ran to catch our shuttle bus at 8:30 for a ride back to our hotel.

The Norwegian impressive stave church
  I had wanted to stay for the fireworks, but Jag and I were really tired at that point.  The bus was in the last parking slot given to the shuttles, a very long way from the park exits.  Because I was so exhausted the ride seemed endless.  I never thought I would be happy to see a hotel room.  ZZZZZZzzzzzzz!



the4bubbas says:
This looks awesome. What else can we expect from Disney? I wanna go! Waaaaaaah!
Posted on: Oct 06, 2008
ejames01 says:
Great Blog!!!
Posted on: Oct 03, 2008
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