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Our dear friend Kamal with "Sam and Mira"
I feel pretty!  Oh, so pretty!  I feel ...  Enough of that.  I finally was able to get my hair done after almost two months.  It looks so much better than having to wear a hat!  It is so nice to have someone else massage your head.  My sister made an appointment for me with her hairdresser, so we went together this morning ... early. 

Viv and I are so different.  She is an early riser.  I have to pulled from the bed before 9 o'clock.  She eats a small breakfast and has a good lunch.  I like a big breakfast and almost no lunch.  Our political opinions are somewhat different.  Although, like me, she is a Democrat, she is far less liberal than I am.  She has lived in the Los Angeles area pretty much her whole life (we were both born in Chicago) and I have moved around because of my husband's work.  I like to be outside with nature.  She is a city gal.  Viv likes the ocean and beach.  I like mountains and, in some cases, the desert (not in the summer!).  The list goes on and on. 

We went to visit Viv's best friend since childhood, Adele Malter.  Adele lives in a beautiful area between Moorpark and Camarillo, CA; a place called the Santa Rosa Valley.  Her home is huge and very beautiful.  It sits on about 1 1/2 acres with a full-sized tennis court and wonderful fruit trees - especially avocados.  Adele is a marvelous person.  Her husband passed away about two years ago and she now lives alone in that gigantic house.  She wants to downsize, but it is a daunting task.  Now is not the time to sell a house, given the volatile economy.  The drive to her home is through a small canyon and the feel of the area is almost one of isolation.  She has neighbors up and down the street, so she is definitely not alone.  As a matter of fact I was surprised at the number of homes in the area.  Beautiful as it is, it is very inconvenient to shopping.  There is no corner grocery store here.  I am kicking myself because I did not bring the camera.  There were some lovely shots I might have taken.

This evening our long-time friend, Kamal Mane, came to visit.  It is always so great to see her.  Kamal was the matron of honor at our wedding, so you can well imagine how special to us.  We don't often have the chance to visit, so this was a good opportunity to catch up on all of her news.  We had been worried because Kamal lives in the Porter Ranch area of the San Fernando Valley.  There had been some very bad brush fires in that area a couple of weeks ago and people had to be evacuated from their homes.  Luckily, Kamal was not one of them.  Her house was far enough away from the path of the fire.  She did have to put up with the smoke, of course, but was told to close all windows and turn on the air conditioning to help filter the air.

We went out for dinner to a Jewish deli-style restaurant called
Weiler's.  I ordered sweet-and-sour cabbage soup, hoping it would taste just like my mother used to make.  Alas, it was too sweet and did not have enough meat in it.  Still, it brought back warm and wonderful memories.  I would try to prepare this dish, but I am so afraid it would not live up to Mom's.   Childhood memories of special foods are so powerful.  It was nice to pig out on corned beef.  I mainly ate the beef and left the bread.  It was just too much food.

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Our dear friend Kamal with Sam an…
Our dear friend Kamal with "Sam a…
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