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Judy & Dave, Roz and Jag - together after 50 years

I had hoped to sleep late, but our bodies are still on Central Time.  We only had one night on Mountain Time, so we had no chance to acclimate to the Pacific Time we are now in.  Arizona does not go on daylight saving time because of the darkness at 7 AM when a lot of children wait for school busses to pick them up.  However, because of government rules, the Navajo Reservation and Grand Canyon National Park are both on daylight saving time.  Talk about confusing!


After a light breakfast, we took off for Tucson and a visit with a dear friend from high school, Dave Hill.  He and his wife, Judy, moved to this area to be near their daughter, after their retirement.  Dave was a psychologist and Judy was in the corporate world in many different positions.  They live in the hills overlooking Tucson and their house is gorgeous.

Judy and Dave with "Sam and Mira"
  Dave designed it and did a superlative job.  It is exactly the type of house I love: open and with a lot of light from windows, doors and skylights.  The kitchen is to die for.  Dave designed the tiles that decorate the perimeter of the room.  It has a wall of windows to bring the outdoors into the room.  It must be a pleasure to cook in there.  Since I am the dishwasher in the family, I would thoroughly enjoy that messy job in a kitchen such as this.


It was so much fun catching up on our lives after 50 years of not seeing one another.  Dave is as brilliant as ever with very diverse interests.  Judy is just like him and they make a terrific couple.  They drove us around the area for a short while.  They wanted to show us the beautiful homes in that part of Tucson and how much it has grown over the years.

Beautiful Gambel's Quail, outside Dave & Judy's house
  Other than Flagstaff, Tucson is the only other place I would wish to live in Arizona.  There is a rivalry between Phoenix and Tucson that is almost identical to that of Los Angeles and San Francisco.  Los Angeles and Phoenix are both huge cities with too much traffic, noise and air pollution.  Tucson and San Francisco are more diverse and much more cosmopolitan, to say nothing of more beautiful.  


Dave and Judy prepared a marvelous lunch of scrumptious mushroom soup and chicken salad.  My capacity for food is still not back to normal after the illness I suffered a few days back and I could not finish.  I am not used to eating a large lunch anyway.  It was embarrassing for me not to clean my plate.  I was afraid they would think I did not like their cooking.  I really did!  Dave and Judy: if you are reading this, lunch was so good!


We returned to Green Valley about 5 o’clock, and then went out for dinner at a lovely restaurant called Florentino’s.

A portion of Bill & Jim's backyard
  It is in the community of Sahuarita, just north of GV.  The food was very good and, naturally, I could not finish it.  They serve very large portions.  When got back to Bill and Jim’s house, they showed us a video of a river trip made in 1990, one of the few trips they did that I was not on.  They turned in early and here I sit, typing away at this blog. 





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Judy & Dave, Roz and Jag - togethe…
Judy & Dave, Roz and Jag - togeth…
Judy and Dave with Sam and Mira
Judy and Dave with "Sam and Mira"
Beautiful Gambels Quail, outside …
Beautiful Gambel's Quail, outside…
A portion of Bill & Jims backyard
A portion of Bill & Jim's backyard
View from Daves house
View from Dave's house
Jirges and Hills, outside Dave and…
Jirges and Hills, outside Dave an…
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