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Outside view of Roussell's Garden Bed and Breakfast Inn, Savannah

It was so difficult to leave our beautiful room at Roussell’s Garden B & B,  The friendly hosts, Bryan and Janet Roussell, made us feel right at home.  The other guests, too, were like family almost immediately.  Breakfast this morning featured biscuits and gravy.  I paled at the thought of this extremely fattening, cholesteral-bolstering and diabetes-accellerating Southern dish.  It is served for almost every traditional breakfast.  I had seen this stuff congealed on plates earlier on this trip.  I must say Janet's gravy was terrific!  I never thought this old Jewish girl would ever touch that stuff, but I had a second helping.  I seriously doubt I will eat it again, but one should never say never.  We definitely want to return to gorgeous Savannah and this bed and breakfast inn.


As we travel I-95, the main North/South freeway on the East Coast, Jag and I have both observed that speed limits mean nothing.

"Sam and Mira" with Ajja at Florida Welcome Center
  I thought California was bad.  Even in work zones, 15 to 20 mph over the limit is normal.  We feel as if we are standing still.  Trucks bear down at top speed and tailgate in the right lane.  I guess this bad habit, along with very few turn signals, has spread all the way from California to the Atlantic Ocean. 

 The roadbed in Jacksonville, Florida, almost shook our teeth out. 


South coastal Georgia is very lovely.  There are broad rivers every few miles, some of which they call creeks.  If that is their idea of a creek, I wonder what their reaction would be to some of the creeks we have in California.  ROTFL!!  There are green marshes next to the rivers and forests of pines and other evergreen trees.  An odd site at one place had some palm trees growing amidst the pines.  Grackles are everywhere: noisy, talkative birds, black as midnight and shimmering in the sunlight.  I was hoping to see cranes, herons and egrets in the marshes, but no luck.


We arrived at the Florida Welcome Center (did you really think we would pass it up?)  In addition to picking up some brochures (of which they have thousands), we absolutely had to photograph “Sam and Mira” at the Florida sign!  After a quick lunch, we continued on to St. Augustine.  The temperature had been so nice and cool in Savannah both yesterday and this morning.  It is hot as the dickens in St. Augustine.  We reached the motel we chose from the Room Saver coupon book, the Anastasia Inn, about 3 PM.  It is clean and quiet.  And cheap - $42 per night!  After spending a bundle on the bed and breakfast, we needed to cut one small corner.  We decided to stay indoors until the heat died down.  We will take a short tour of the city tomorrow morning.  It is, after all, the oldest European-created city in the USA (there are Native American communities, especially in the Southwest, that are older).


I went outside to bring in some stuff from the car and, my goodness, it was raining!  Well, not actually raining - more like sprinkling.  The temperature dropped about 15 degrees from earlier.  What a relief!  That little bit of rain felt so nice on my skin.  This place is so different from California.  It is rare to have weather like this ... we are lucky when the humidity goes up to 25%.  It really knocks me out.  But this is what travel is all about - learning what places other than home are like and appreciating them for those differences they may have.  And besides: humidity is great for the complection.


We went out for dinner after a short drive to St. Augustine Beach.  Unfortunately, because of all the homes and hotels built along the shore, one cannot see the actual beach.  Jag was really disappointed.  I don't know whether we will get to see the blue water Florida is so well known for - the weather reports indicate thundershowers every day.  Oh, well - we won't melt.  We had dinner at a place called Barnacle Bill's.  I had a salad with grilled shrimp that was just okay.  Jag's steamed shrimp pleased him greatly, but why did they have to serve canned green beans?!  I think we Californians are very spoiled by having fresh produce all year.


After a short stop at the St. Augustine Lighthouse, we went back to the motel to relax.  We do a little sightseeing in the morning, including the lighthouse, prior to going on to Titusville.


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Outside view of Roussells Garden …
Outside view of Roussell's Garden…
Sam and Mira with Ajja at Florid…
"Sam and Mira" with Ajja at Flori…