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Strange looking cargo traveling on I-40.

Today has been one of straight-through driving from Oklahoma City to the town of Lonoke, 20 miles east of Little Rock, Arkansas.  What?  You've never heard of Lonoke?  Gee - I wonder why. 

There were some really wild drivers out there on I-40.  One guy driving a pickup truck passed a car in the left lane and the bozo stayed half-way in that left lane.  The other car managed to remain on the pavement.  Later they both got off the highway at the same exit.  Either they were playing games or the automobile driver planned to rip the other guy apart.

We passed three very long semi trucks carrying what at first appeared to be airplane wings.

Closer view of unusual cargo.
  However there were openings at one end that were very large and round - not what one sees on a plane.  They may have been electricity-generating windmill vanes, although Jag doesn't think so.  They are, we think, made of fiberglass - very smooth, but not shiny like steel or aluminum.  They were driving safely, but a great many of the trucks were passing us, traveling at speeds that were excessive.  One would have thought the state troopers would ticket these hot shots, but we only saw one truck pulled over by the police. 

The scenery in Oklahoma, along I-40, is quite lovely.  There is a lot of variety from cities to towns to open fields and wild land to forests of mixed varieties of trees.  Arkansas is equally pretty.  One can see the Ozark Mountains standing hazy and tall to the north. 

We passed Eufaula Lake, very large and most probably a reservoir.

Ajja with "Sam and Mira" at the Arkansas Welcome Center.
  Outside the town of Checotah, Oklahoma, stands a sign proudly stating: "Home of Carrie Underwood, American Idol 2005".  She is a very talented girl and obviously the greatest thing to ever happen to Checotah, Oklahoma.

We crossed into Arkansas and stopped at the Welcome Center.  The only photo of "Sam and Mira" in the state of Arkansas will probably be at the big sign in front of the center.  We haven't planned any fun stuff here on this trip.

We decided to stay in this small town of Lonoke after noting how busy the motels in North Little Rock were.  I don't know what is going on, but I assume there is a lot of business in the state's capitol.  We went to dinner at a place called Nick's Bar-B-Q & Catfish in the town of Carlisle, 8 miles east of Lonoke.  We decided catfish were not for us, but the barbecue was delicious.  They serve huge portions, so we have leftovers for lunch tomorrow.  Our little waitress was quite young and she was kept very busy.  She greeted us with "Hi, y'all" and we knew we were finally in the Deep South.  We had spent some time in Little Rock and Hot Springs in Arkansas a couple of years ago, but never encountered anyone with such strong accents as the people we overheard in the restaurant.  One nice thing, though, they are warm and friendly.  Southern hospitality is alive and well in Lonoke and Carlisle, Arkansas.

Off to the Nashville area tomorrow.  No - we are not going to the Grand Old Opry!


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Strange looking cargo traveling on…
Strange looking cargo traveling o…
Closer view of unusual cargo.
Closer view of unusual cargo.
Ajja with Sam and Mira at the Ar…
Ajja with "Sam and Mira" at the A…
photo by: jagnroz