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Rats!  I was hoping I would be feeling well by today, but such is not the case.  This is not a fun day: no Alamo, no Riverwalk.  Instead, I got the chance to go to the Texas Medical Clinic, trying to find the cause of the nausea and pain.  As expected, we had to wait a long time before getting to see a doctor.  He was stumped by the symptoms, but will be running tests to determine whether it is a kidney infection.  I am so disappointed.

By the time we got out of the clinic and purchased some food for lunch (salads for him, soups for me), return to the motel and filled our bodies with sustenance, it was almost 4:30 pm.  The Alamo closes at 5.  We will try to make a short visit tomorrow morning. 

Jag is trying to hold me to my plea last night, when I was feeling truly miserable, to go straight home.  I cancelled the hotel in Fort Davis (they are charging a $50 cancellation charge - I'll bet that is what has his knickers in a knot!).  I also cancelled the Kartchner Caverns tour in Arizona.  However, if I am feeling better, and the meds should take care of that, I still want to visit friends in Tucson and Las Vegas.  So I am trying to convince him that would be a good idea. 

It is now evening and I am feeling a lot better.  We are more-or-less going to continue our trip with some modifications.  We will stay in San Antonio one more day so that we can visit the Alamo and whatever my weakened state will allow.  After that we will play it by ear.  I was happy to be able to eat some dinner tonight - some very good lentil soup.  I tasted some of Jag's dish and did not have trouble swallowing it.  That is a good sign.

Looking for a much better tomorrow.



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