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Storm clouds over Miami

Last night, as seems to be the usual, a torrential rainstorm moved in.  It was spectacular.  From the look of the swirling clouds, I thought there would be a tornado.  Thank goodness that did not happen.

Sadly we said goodbye to our friends to begin the return journey to California.  This will take us about 3 1/2 weeks.  Bob & Pierrette are such good pals.  They are, however, very loud and my ears are still ringing!  I will miss them.  Who knows when we shall see them again.  Pierrette does not like to travel.  I will also miss that glorious view from their condo.  If I had a view like that, I would seriously consider living in a skyscraper.  In spite of the view, the Voras have television sets in every room, including the bathroom and kitchen.

Bedroom of our suite in Lake Buena Vista, FL
  Pierrette, especially, likes to watch political programing.  She watches both conservative and liberal channels and very vocally disagrees with all of the liberals.  We had great fun arguing with both of our wonderful friends!  We just disagree politically.

We stopped to get gasoline at Costco, then went across the street to a real New York Jewish delicatessen to pick up food for lunch.  Real pastrami!!!  On to the freeway and here we go to Mouseville (aka: Disney World).  As we passed Fort Lauderdale more huge condo buildings arose, each taller than the next one.  While I am glad they use less land, this state is rapidly draining the acquifers that underlie Florida.  This causes a domino effect on the environment.  It is destroying the Everglades and it will take huge fight to save it.

The weird-looking sofa in our suite at Quality Suites
  The damage, however, may be too great and time may have run out.

As we travel north it is fun to look back at the Miami drivers.  Actually most drivers in this state are extremely aggressive.  I thought Tennessee was bad: Florida is worse, if possible.  Who said people in Florida drive too slowly?  Perhaps they have changed since that was said.  Speed limits mean nothing on the freeways or the surface streets.  Turn signals - hah!  They do not exist or else they must be "broken".  Slow down to speed limits set in work zones?  Not on your life!  They tailgate continually and will not go around the slower driver even though lanes next to them are open and the other driver is going above the speed limit, too.  No - they want him or her to move over.  Machismo!!  You see that in California, too, but not to this extent.  Two thirds of the people are talking on their cell phones, holding it in one hand and gesticulating with the other.  Who is steering the damned car!?  Truckers, too, drive well above the speed limits.  The highway patrol seems to be trying to get these guys to slow down - most of the vehicles being ticketed today were commercial trucks.

I have seen very few motorhomes.  I suppose the "snowbirds" have not yet headed south.  We stopped at a rest area for lunch and immediately noticed that the humidity level is much lower than in Miami, 150 miles to the south.  It is hot, though: 87 degrees F on the car's outside thermometer.  It is still more humid by far than I am used to.  I hope tomorrow's temperatures will be lower.  We will be spending the whole day at Disney World.

Our hotel, Quality Suites Lake Buena Vista, is very nice.  Many of the "suite hotels" have microwave ovens and tiny refrigerators in their regular rooms.  This one actually has a full kitchen and is, in fact, a true suite.  The bedroom is separated by a door from the living room.  It is really pretty, although the sofa is not exactly my idea of gorgeous!  It is comfortable and that is most important.  There is a free shuttle to Disney World, so we can leave our car here.  The first shuttle is at 7:45 AM.  Groan!  The next one is not until 11 AM.  Sam and Mira - I apologize for not taking any photos with you in Miami, but Ajja and I will take you with us to Epcot Center.  I wish you were going to be with us in person.


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Storm clouds over Miami
Storm clouds over Miami
Bedroom of our suite in Lake Buena…
Bedroom of our suite in Lake Buen…
The weird-looking sofa in our suit…
The weird-looking sofa in our sui…
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