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Zzyzx Road exit
I really felt sad leaving Clara this morning.  She is doing her best to cope with the difficult task of rehabilitation after cancer.  The fact that she seems to have beat it does not make it any easier.  She seems to be very upbeat and she cracks jokes with her incredible dry wit.  She really makes me laugh.  I do not want to lose her as my friend, even though she is a Republican and I am a liberal Democrat.  She is not a rabid Republican; rather, she believes in many liberal causes.  I think she may even vote for Barack Obama! 

We left only 15 minutes late.  That is a new record for us when it is time to leave friends or family.  We stopped at a Smith's supermarket to pick up lunch salads.  We found a real Kosher deli in the store and I was thrilled to be able to buy good, lean corned beef.  I cannot get that at home.
World's Tallest Thermometer in Baker, California
  We filled the gas tank and noticed that the cost is steadily rising.  We have been paying $2.99.9 per gallon during our visits to both Arizona and Nevada.  When we reached California we noticed that some of the stations are selling gas at that same price.

The drive to SoCal can be so boring.  However, because of the clear and, for once, comfortable weather, the desert was far more beautiful than I have seen it in quite some time.  The spring time, however, is utterly gorgeous with wildflowers of all different hues softening the harsh landscape.  I took a photo of the off-ramp to
Zzyzx Road so that you will know I was not kidding when I mentioned it in yesterday's entry.  I tried to photograph the area the road leads to, but the light was not good and the distance shot became too washed out.
Alanna and Devin say "hello" to Sam and Mirabai
   In the town of Baker is the so-called
"World's Tallest Thermometer".  I'll take their word for it.

We reached my niece, Leslee's, home in Monrovia about 2:30 PM and it was wonderful to see her and her terrific kids, Alanna and Devin.  I was hoping we could spend more time together, but young people today have amazing schedules.  We continued on to my sister's home in Woodland Hills.  Jag cooked dinner once again!  Everybody gets to enjoy his great talent.  With simple ingredients he managed to turn plain chicken into a gourmet treat. 

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Zzyzx Road exit
Zzyzx Road exit
Worlds Tallest Thermometer in Bak…
World's Tallest Thermometer in Ba…
Alanna and Devin say hello to Sa…
Alanna and Devin say "hello" to S…
Relatively recent landslide on the…
Relatively recent landslide on th…
Alanna and Devin with Sam & Mira
Alanna and Devin with "Sam & Mira"
Aunty Lolly hugs Sam and Mira
Aunty Lolly hugs "Sam and Mira"
Woodland Hills
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