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Beautiful berries - but I don't know the type of tree!

We left Las Cruces under a clear blue sky.  There was not a cloud in sight.  The temperature was perfect, maybe 70o F.  The cool air felt like silk.


We stopped at a rest area along I-10, just past the “metropolis” of Deming.  Here a very long freight train began to pass by.  We had seen it earlier, but I forgot to count the cars.  Here was my opportunity!  When I reached the number 52 a train traveling in the opposite direction began to pass.  It cut off my view.  Rats!


While at the rest area some people mentioned seeing a very young javelina, a type of wild pig.

Oscar, caretaker of the New Mexico rest area we visited
  It must have been ill or starving and probably separated from its mother.  I saw the little guy - he was staggering.  The caretaker at the rest area, a wonderful man named Oscar, was trying to get the little baby javelina to drink some water, but no luck.  He is a really nice man - one of the best I have met on this trip.  He is Native American and this seems to give him a special affinity for the land and its inhabitants.  I took a photo of Oscar with “Sam and Mira”, which delighted him no end.  He gave us two desert pumpkins, the fruit of one of the many cacti in this part of New Mexico and Arizona.  He said they were for Sam and Mirabai.  What a thoughtful gentleman.


The drive seemed long and quite monotonous.  The road is very straight.  The scenery is mindful of that near Barstow, California, and many of the Mojave Desert areas.

Roz with "Sam and Mira" at the Amerind Foundation
  Eventually, as we neared the turn-off we planned to take, the terrain became hilly and covered with gigantic boulders.  We exited the freeway at Dragoon Road (I love that name!) and went to the Amerind Foundation Museum, an out-of-the-way place that should be far more well-known than it is.  It is a fascinating place, dedicated to the study of native peoples of the Americas.  They have sponsored archeological digs and have advanced the knowledge of the ancient ancestors of today’s people.  The exhibits in both the museum and the art gallery are not large.  They include some very fine pieces and the explanations of the items are very thorough. 


Visitors were few, although I understand there are far more on the weekends.  The two employees, guard Bob Hobson, and Stephanie Baughman who worked in the gift shop, had plenty of time to speak with us and explain what the foundation offered.

Beautiful scenery at Amerind Foundation
  They were so nice we asked whether they would be willing to be photographed with “Sam and Mira”.  They accepted our invitation and smiled happily at their inclusion in making happy memories for our grandkids.


After our wonderful visit to Amerind, we continued on to Green Valley and our dear friends, Bill Jensen and Jim Falls.  Roada took us directly to them, using a shortcut that saved a great deal of time.  I didn’t think she would do that as all other mapping programs seemed to suggest going first to Tucson, then going down the 20 miles or so of freeway to Green Valley.  Good going, young lady!


We reached the home of Bill and Jim and got some huge hugs from these two wonderful men.

Stephanie and Bob, employees of Amerind Fdn. with "Sam and Mira"
  They immediately made us feel completely at home.  It has been almost 20 years since I have seen them - not since my boss, Georgie White Clark, had her amazing 80th birthday party.  They are full of jokes and always with sunny outlooks on life.  Their new home (well, new to me!) is delightful.  It is located on a golf course, but has a “brown belt”, so to speak, of natural growth between the patio and the grass of the course.  Birds of all kinds, as well as rabbits and occasional bobcats, continually give joy and authenticity to the area.  It is so wonderful to have nature as one’s back yard.


We went out for dinner to a place nearby.  The food was inexpensive and it was okay.  Bill and Jim go there quite often.  The staff was very friendly and so the service was good.  When we returned to the house, Jim put on a movie he had made on one of the first river trips he made that I was on.  It brought back such delightful memories.


Sleep time is coming close.  Good night, everyone.

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Beautiful berries - but I dont kn…
Beautiful berries - but I don't k…
Oscar, caretaker of the New Mexico…
Oscar, caretaker of the New Mexic…
Roz with Sam and Mira at the Ame…
Roz with "Sam and Mira" at the Am…
Beautiful scenery at Amerind Found…
Beautiful scenery at Amerind Foun…
Stephanie and Bob, employees of Am…
Stephanie and Bob, employees of A…
Amerind Foundation Art Gallery
Amerind Foundation Art Gallery
Tree-filled garden at Amerind
Tree-filled garden at Amerind
Unusual yucca
Unusual yucca
Green Valley
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