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Angus cattle on Texas ranch along highway detour

I awakened this morning feeling even more sick to my stomach than yesterday.  Nausea turned me green at the gills and back pain would not let me get comfortable.  I decided food was off the agenda.  I couldn’t even swallow it.  I bought some of that flamingo pink Pepto Bismol.  It tastes so bad I vowed to get better so that I don’t have to drink any more.  Isn’t there some way the scientists can make it less gross?  If they could send men to the moon and back, isn’t there one person smart enough to do this?


I began to feel a bit better, but far from perfect.  I ate some soda crackers - that helped stop some of the hunger pangs.  I am also sipping Coca Cola - my best cure for nausea.  It doesn’t have to be cold or bubbly.  It doesn’t taste good to me the way it used to, but it helps.


As we left Houston, we hoped we would not get too much heavy commute traffic.  Wrong!  This is a huge city and it reminds me very much of Los Angeles - not the nice parts, but the misery of the freeways.  The smog is every bit as bad as Los Angeles, too. 


At the moment I am writing this we are stuck in a long traffic jam just outside San Antonio.  We assume it is an accident up ahead.  A lot of people are trying to bypass this, but they are causing more delays when they try to merge back on to the freeway.  We have not moved more than a mile in the past ½ hour.  Cars and pickups cut back and forth over a separating median of very long grass to get to the frontage road alongside the highway.  The cars, especially, risk a broken axle or frame.  Too bad.  They all reach a certain point and they, too, are stuck.


Well, it has now been over an hour and we still have not moved a mile.  It seems one of the two lanes is closed for road work.  The frontage road is not moving any faster.  One big rig was being driven the wrong way on that road, trying to bypass the line, so another bozo decided he could do the same thing.  Of course, if the big rig has a head-on crash, the bozo will probably not get hurt.


As for the road work, all I saw were two guys sitting on a truck’s tailgate laughing at some joke.  We were finally routed off the freeway and are actually moving for the moment.  Poor “Roada” has lost it!  Oops - she found herself again.  We were trapped with everyone else for 1½ hours.  Along the route we are on cattle are curiously watching all of the cars and trucks.  They have never seen such a sight.  I tried to photograph the curious ones, but could not get the camera out in time.


We have just learned there was a major traffic accident causing the mess.  We thought it was road work.  The accident was reported on the radio and they said the highway would be closed at least 8 hours.  Oy!  We finally returned to the freeway at 4 pm.  The jam stopped us at 2:15!


We reached our motel, the EconoLodge Coliseum, in San Antonio a short time later.  The room is nice, the price too high (it is a weekend), and I hope it is not too far from the Alamo.  I’ll find out tomorrow. 


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Angus cattle on Texas ranch along …
Angus cattle on Texas ranch along…