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I don't know what is wrong with this computer, but it just ate my posting!  I have to do this one all over again.  Grrr!

We decided to make this a day to do chores rather than go sightseeing.  As I have said, cities are not my thing.  I did laundry and Jag went in search for a car wash and, most important, gasoline.  He was unsuccessful with both.  Since Hurricane Ike hit Texas, stations have been not only running out of fuel to sell, those that have it have raised the prices to the point of being accused of price gouging.  Some stations say they only have premium gasoline and they are selling it for more than $5 per gallon.  On our return home from Jeff and Meg's wedding, we first tried a Shell Station, but found it all sold out.  We then went across the street to an Exxon station and were able to fill the tank with regular gas.  Both mid-grade and premium were sold out (at least he had covered the pump handles, so it is difficult to know whether he was just holding the other back in order to charge exhorbitant funds.  As it was, we paid $4.39.9, about the same as in California.

The wedding day turned out to be perfect: perfect weather, perfect venue and perfect fun.  There were many children in attendance and they were all extremely well-behaved and having tremendous fun.  Everyone enjoyed their antics.  The Claxton Farm proved to be a perfect setting for a wedding.  The fields of grass were emerald green, the trees covering the nearby hills were deep, dark green, there were ponies and goats and llamas in paddocks.  I spotted a gorgeous red bird very briefly.  I don't know whether it was a cardinal or a scarlet tanager; it flew by very fast.  The temperature cooled down to the comfortable 70's and puffy white clouds floated by.  Glorious.

As always, the wedding ceremony was sweet and touching.  Jeff was smiling happily and Meg was almost dancing with joy.  She shed many tears of happiness as well.  So did Tom, Jeff's best man.  There was hardly a dry eye amongst anyone in attendance.  The reception began with a live blue-grass band.  The children were dancing and jumping around and having a ball.  Crudites, cheese, humus and fruits were served as appetizers to the main dinner, as well as waitpersons with hot hors d'oeuvres (spelling?).  An open bar got everyone relaxed and ready to have some fun.  Dinner was buffet style, with fresh salad, macaroni and cheese and/or mashed potatoes, and barbecued chicken and boneless flanken.  Scrumptious. 

After dinner came dancing.  I could not believe my usually staid husband: he danced practically every dance, slow and fast.  He was hugging everybody, friends and strangers alike.  He became very close to Paul's brother, Don.  Those two really enjoyed each other's company.  Jag probably had had to much to drink.  He was emotional and very funny.  Actually, puzzled as I was by his behaviour, I was really happy that he was having so much fun.  It was so heart-warming to see him smiling broadly and without any hang-ups.

The party continued on the bus ride back to the Renaissance Hotel where most of the wedding guests had been staying.  Many of the young people were friends of both Tom and Jeff from college days at Chico State University.  They have always traveled to the weddings of each friend, no matter how distant.  Many of the friendships have lasted since grade school. 

Tomorrow we leave for parts east.  It is time to hit the hay - it is - Oh, my Gosh! - 1:30 am!  Good night, dear family and friends.



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photo by: vances