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Well today we all piled into Big's trunk and headed towards burma border. Piled I mean piled, me steph and ken in back. Big driving and Jenny and her 16yr daughter in the front seat, very tight.

First stop was the war memorial for the people who worked on railway from burma to thailand. I have never been to one of these memorial sites with all the grave stones, but they are hmm whats the right word I dont want to say breath taking, but it really does take your breath away you realise just how real it is. Esp as some of the men who died were younger than me.

We then took a short drive to the famous bridge over river kwai. Now I did know that we werent seeing the orginal as I think it was blown up by the yanks (sorry history not complete right) But I was disappointed in the fact it has turned so commercial there. It was like we were in Europe. But then as if by magic, the skies open in a massive storm . We got soaked. I was so pleased not only for the fact it cooled us down, it got rid of the people trying to sell stuff, but it made me realsie how hard it must have been to built in these conditions. After a short visit to one of the trains we were on the road again.

Now I really didnt know what I was going to see but oh my god how cool was this. We went to a place run by Monks (not our monk for the shire, but he should so do it in his worksop or garden) This is the best animal place ever. It has wild pigs, boars (like the ones in hannible), cows, chickens and wait for it tiger cubs and huge tigers. That you can actually touch and stroke. And guess what I touched loads, I want a big tiger they are so cute. Check out the pics if you dont believe me and despite what ellen says yes they were breathing!!!

Now after this, we went to the end of the railway line, which is what I was expecting the bridge to be like, it was wonky, you could walk over it, there was monkeys on it, and the funny thing was it still used! But if you follow the trail you go into this cave and there is a temple. It was so unexpected but really cool!
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photo by: wbboy29