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Monica if you think Italy is bad the Indians have nothing on them.

Get into the taxi we sit in the back reach across to put on seat belts...hmmm... bugger... they dont have any... steph and me make eye contact.

Right so we are off, (the driver looks no think he looks like a bollywood star) he drives straight into a traffic jam and starts beeping his horn and beeping which of course in india means the cars part in some moses fashion... ah no... means the police come over to try sort out the jam.

We are off, now in india they  beep there horn to get people to move out of the way, they overtake all the time, between lorries, bikes, cars. But you have to remember the roads here have a new type of obsticles... animals... you will find goats or cows walking around the roads lots of dogs. This journey was a bit like a computer game. Weaving between cars, bikes with 3 people on or maybe someone with a bag of potaoes, Then buses broken down where they phsyically get intop the engine to fix it. All this is a back drop of lush grass, blue  skys, palms trees its gorgeous. The buildings we past were so decorative, different colours, styles, gorgeous.

They obviously earn alot of money here from sponsorship there are bilboards everywhere advertising something. Like beat huts will be decorated all over with vodafone or cococola logos. But its so pretty having all these different colours agains the red roads and green trees. If you dont expect india to be lush it is how you would imagine Jamerca to be.

But we have seen woman in beatiful dresses, 2 ladies carrying more than there body weight on their head, bus full of heads (there was so many people on it , it was just heads) kids playing football dodging the cows, a woman looks like so was the pg tip woman (not  the monkey but the one that used to be on the box) picking leaves off a bush in centre resveration.

It was well cool. Then when we got closer, the driver phoned the owner of the place and she met us on a scotter and we followed her. She takes us round the houses, the road is now just red sandy mud, with occasional puddles, but still pretty. and then she stops inbetween lots of houses, we get our backpacks out, pay the bollywood star, and we follow her (she is still on the scooter we are walking with heavy bags but she seems nice so we dont mind) to this purple house called the Orchid house.

Our room is basic, smelly, has a bathroom, but we really dont mind, we pleased it has a roof, and beds (80 % concrete) but after being awake from 36 hours we just want to crash and burn now.

But it is now about 4pm here and we ar ehungry and want to see Goa, so off we go round the houses into peoples gardens (cause thats where the path goes) round and down the sea. The first part we get to the market is just closing, behind it their are volcanic black rocks going out into the sea and to the left the beach begins. As we walk along there are loads os dogs just running round. Local ladies approach us trying to get us have a look at their shops, they ask our names of which is say Susie and this is frank , she says what lovely names they are hehehe!! But did you know we are the colour of Indias Barbie, i didnt know this. I am most excited about this.

We finally decided to get get some food at the bar which you have to walk up some steep concrete stairs to get too. After moving seats 4 times we sit down looking over the sea and the sun sets, drinking beer and eating spicy italien food surrounded by a pack of hungry dogs. Before we put on a rain macs and head home with our torch.

Ps yes we have had rain.
monicacarter says:
It's great to hear you are having a good time. I do think you watch too many adverts e.g. lilt, pg tips. I can't wait to see the photos.
Posted on: Sep 19, 2008
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photo by: msarkar2810