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Well Varanassi has broken me. It is just to mad. It small little streets that you share with humans (that pee everywhere) and moody cows! yes cows and they arent toilet trained. Its not pleasant. The cows just want to chase me. Its making me hate cows, where as normally I would hug one now I am preparing for combat! Troll style!

So 5am this morning we walked down to the Ganges with the guy from our hostel, we got in a boat which rower us down the ganges at sunrise. Very pretty. All along people are praying, lighting candles in the river, bathing (i wouldnt) or taking there gods out on boats and realing them into the river in some cermony. We saw a crazy laughing guy who sounded like the laughing poilceman. Lots of naked men.

We then turned round and went to wards the cremotorium (hmm spelling I know!) There is this amazing temple like building where they burn the bodies in an open cermony. They come from all over India for this. We have been told that if a wife out lives her husband it has been known for her to jump on top. Very odd. Don't think I would be doing that. Mind you at home health and safety would put 2 mile radius around it. This was actually quite nice to do.

But on returning to our hostel, which was really horrid, a mouse ran into and then out of my backpack. I was no amused!!!!! And the hostel when I complained laughed and said yes we have 3. like it was something to boast about.

Thank god we are flying to Nepal today.

Varanassi Airport was odd. Its all about the queing. The queing for not knowing what you are queing for! Check in, departure cards form, getting them signed, immagration, saying how much money you got. It was all about the queing. But luckly we had some swiss and ozzies that found it as odd as us.

Next stop Kathmandu. Flight 50 minutes.
dawnjacquelyn says:
Shame you left TOM behind to look after MUMSY.
Posted on: Oct 17, 2008
mumsy says:
lucky it was not spiders otherwise you might had to get a new backpack.
Posted on: Oct 17, 2008
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