The day i nearly when splat into a river 3 times!

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The entrance to the cave
This day has been dedicated to my Auntie Irene who has gone to join Uncle Phillip and Grandma in the world of lots of caaaaakkkkeee!!!

Now today was one of those days that well, i really thought I was going to end up with a body of mud, i was destin for falling over.

First thing we made our way to Mekong river to get a boat to the Pak Ou caves. Well what actually happened was we get collected at the meeting point, taken down some steps, had to climb a wall on to a muddy bank, walk down it towards the river, where i then skidded down the bank in front of everyone narrowing missing the river due to some trusty plants that i grabbed onto. Then the guy decided he would move the boat closer for me. Yeah great idea although what he actually did was move the front of the boat closer and we need to get on in the middle! doh! so we got on the neighbour boat and he post it back til we could get on! Then I had a cool running moment when the german guy on the boat already says 'english? real scary ja?!'

Then we were off. Down an amazing river , with mountains covered in trees. We went along here for about an hour before pulled up next to a pier thingy made of bamboo.... in my head i was going i am going in this river today!

But i got on land after climbing a ladder over a plank onto some rocks. Then we climbed up these steps in this cavern which had 4000 buddahs in. Then we walked up some more bloody steps (they didnt warn me about this at all) where there were people trying sell me birds in baskets to set free. Very odd. But they shook these bird so much I dont think they would have survived. The poor things. Now the top cave didnt have any lights so we were searching it by camera flash which turned it into some kinda of horror with flashing buddah faces appearing out of the darkenss.

Now it was time for us to get back on the boat, now you know those comedy scenes where one legs on the boat the other is on shore and your doing the splitsm well that was me. But unlike those scenes, I didnt fall in. Susan 2 river 0.

Then we went to a village which makes whiskey. Now I was not ever going to drink this stuff, after being shown it in the bottlem with snakes in or scorpians. oh yes u read that right drink with meat in. not a worm. snakes. errr no! not for me! So after 45 mins we had to get back on that boat. After coming very close to stubbling down the stairs i manage to get into the boats no problem.

We arrived back and had the fun of getting back onto the land over the mud over the wall and up the stairs. Yes it was a funny sight. Like a roll of jelly getting over a wall.

That afternoon we took a minibus to a waterfall. It was amazing.There was rescue bears there so cute. Then you take a walk through awoodland area which is very slippery I am so going to end up on my face. But then the trees would clear to show an amazing waterfall, befor eyou finally get to the top where it opens to bottom of a cliff with this huge waterfall. SO pretty. The flowers in the trees were amazing. This is such a beautiful place.
Waterfall, buddah temple caves, market, whiskey with scorpians and snake sin
spoose says:
Oh yeah and we did eat lots of cake today!!!!
Posted on: Nov 07, 2008
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The entrance to the cave
The entrance to the cave
Luang Prabang
photo by: oxangu2