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Well for those who dont realise by now, we came home early.

When we were in Queenstown New Zealand, we both realised how tried we were. We have done 10 countries in 5 months longest stay in one place was 7 days in sydney and we are knackered. We have been in Western ciziliasation for 10 weeks and to go through 7 days of 3 mad crazy cities we werent looking forward to. So we did the sensible thing as that moment in time and change our flights. The only thing is we still had to do the same route.

So here we are in Argentina (although I never did get a stamp in my passport) After 11 hour flight landing 3 hours before we took off cause of the time zone. On the scariest flight. The oldest plane. No tv. Seat falls back. Real dodge. (Argentina airlines) Now we are about to catch yet another flight with the same airline I am bricking it. So we get on this older plane, smells of fags still has the old ashtrays. Im scared. I am a good flyer but this doesnt feel right. So we wait and they apolgise for the delay, problem with the plane....ahhhhhhhhhh.

We wait

We are told to get off the plane and they will get us a new plane. Thank god. So off we all go. Sit down. Wait. Wait. Steph sleeping tablet has kicked in she is snoring in departures. Then I look around, I can only see the yanks from our flight. I say to steph. The yanks get up leaving one behind, and quickly return saying they are waiting for us. So we jumped up thinking oh god we are the last ones again. Oh no we are not it took a further 2 hours to find everyone. Cause they had everyone luggagge they could take off. Guess what they didnt do any annoucements in English! Doh.
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