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What a day of emotions we had.


We arrive at the airport at 5am to find it closed and people queing. Then we panic cause our flight wasnt on the board, but we sort that out. Right now we are in the check in queue and thats when the guy says , you get this flight your flight has not been confiirmed. S&@t!


So we wait. We wait. Hoping someone doesnt turn up. checkin closes, we cant get on the flight. bugger. So steph goes to get the airport tax money back, when I was grabbed and said hang on dont leave, we may have 2 seats. I could have kissed this man.


So I shout over the airport.....FRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNKKKKKKKK...... nothing.........SSSSSSSSSSTTTTTTTTEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPHHHHHH....... nothing I run yes run to get her. We check in.

We then run for our plane it takes off in 5 minutes. So off we go. Up the stairs round the corner down the coridor..... secruity.... get searched (very well they dont miss a spot these women!) then bags get pulled, empty it repack, get it stamped... off again... time is ticking.... run through.... secruity asked us if we have been naughty and if thats why we are late.....then we get our tickets check... out of the doors.... plane is in sight then STOP..... another bloody woman wants to frisk me....ahhh!!! We run up the stairs to the plane waiting for the comments... then Steph gets taken to her seat and im told my seat at the front (im thinking wahey first class here I come) nope bugger cattle class. But we are on the plane. We are flying back to Delhi.


We land we are in India.... not happy about that. We have 12 hours to wait til our flight to bangkok... so what do we do...well what else.... watch life on mars on my ipod!!!

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New Delhi
photo by: spocklogic