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Now before we set off on the boat trip, the hostel owner now informs us it takes 2 hours (unlike the 1 he orginally told us) to get from the boat to Cochin Airport. We had to be check in at 12.30 pm our boat is meant to dock at 9.30am so it was going to be tight. Well this is what happened....

After docking up at 10am (late arleady) our taxi wasnt there....eeek. So we waited like the true brits we are. Next to a begger who kept grabbing my leg. The captain and cook kept phoning. We stood looking at every car coming down the drive would be ours. Then this clap out nissan turned up with 2 young guys in (townies) we are like that wont be it. Wrong!! Now this is 1045. Turned out this clap out car has broken down already today. But we need to get to the airport, so we look at each other and jump in. They squeezed Helen and Jo (backpacks) into the boot their little faces pressed against the window. So we are ready wont start...bugger......So we jump out, group of guys push start car... its going... we get in and we are off.

We are bouncing around in the back of this car (yes I am banging my head on the ceiling) watching time ticking on.... are we going to make it.... are we going to die....only time will tell. Then signs start to appear for Cochin, things are looking up. We pull in for petrol... time is ticking... car breaks down again... push start we are off again....we are boucning down the road and we have 20 mins when signs for airport appear....we could do this.

We pull in and the muppet heads for International not domestic, so we are driving around the airport, and I am now getting stropy. We tell him to stop. Steph runs with baby helen and jo in to airport to find out where we have to go. I throw money at the taxi boy grab big helen and jo and start to run towards to the airport. Trousers falling down, hot, bothered, 2 mins to spare.

We get to the door with our booking number, secruity wont let us through, we need to get printed ticket, so we get to the office to get ticket, we are ignored.

We get ticket, get through the 2 secruity check to then find.....check in closed..........


Hmmm. What do we do now. So we go back to the office. They try hold the plane we are too late. So we pay the fine and book onto the next flight to Mumbai, but will we get our connection to Jaipur.

After consuming a whole funny tasting Toblerone bar each, we get the flight. We arrive in Mumbai 2 hours after our connection has left. The next flight to Jaipur is 5am its 6.30pm We face it that we are having a night in the airport.
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photo by: Toonsarah