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Hey we are in another day in another city. Oh us jet setters!!

I can only imagine how annoyed you are all getting ready my bad gramma and spelling  blogs . hehe.

Well it wouldnt be a trip without some adventure and chaos from these two trolls. So let me send you back in time to yesterday where we living the high life in Castle Stringfellow in Delhi with her 3 acres of land and 12 staff!! Isnt being rescued the best.

Well we were packed, we werent ready, we were leaving, we didnt want to go, but we couldnt impose on Julie (the saint, the guru, the yogi, the famous, the goddess!!!) anymore. So we loaded her car, took our picnic (of a fruit cake and bottles of water!!! mmm cake) Me and steph left with Gagan. Soon as we went through the gates and the secruity guard saluted for the last time me and frank look each other with that look of....

.... bugger its just us two now!!!

But then Gagan gaves us a parting gifts of a rose each (dont worry not from your 150 rose bushes julie it was from next doors) Bless him. Then for old time sake all 3 of us sung 'I dance I dance I dance around my mexcian hat' for one last time. Frank and me knew it was going to be hard. 2 of us in the world. No driver. No chef. No julie. Just me and frank! Ahhhh!!!SOS!

Now me and Steph placed a bet before getting to train station whether we would have any cockroaches on the train. 1000 rupees was placed (wasnt for 2 hours that I realised it was 10pounds. bugger!)

Gagan took us to our train found our seats for us. then he left us. (but we saw him hiding on the platform waiting for our train to go....bless... he did look after us!)

So we settled in. We swapped seats with people so I had the top bunk and frank the bottom. All was fine. Until it came the time for me to climb up. i was half expecting to feel someone hand on my bum to give me a hand up. I was not at all graceful, beach whale trying to go up stairs could have been more graceful. But i got up, out of breath sore head but I was there. So now it came the task of trying to get comfortable on a bed which is 5ft 10 long, as wide as me and only 2.5 ft head space, which would be hard enough but I had Jo the backpack and little joey the day pack and me! Using little Joey has a pillow, Jo at my feetwell under my feet, off i went to sleep. With the sweet sound of snoring.

Then i woke... whats that on my arm....cockroache....bugger lost the bet!

But that was the only excitement for the night Jo decided she would do a flying lesson, from the top bunk 5 ft off the ground to the floor in the middle of the night. But unlike Neil in his pub flying trip Jo was fine. Steph and 3 other passengers were scared as they just missed her falling trip. Hehe. But i then had more space to sleep on.

We arrived in Varanassi at 945 almost 3 hours late. Dont you just love India! We got into yet another Ambassdor car. Now for those who think thats nice of india to restore the old classic and use them as their taxi.....now did I say anywhere restore no, this are the oldest heaps of junk know to man! But it was cheap. He dropped us in the wrong place we had to hike for 30 mins but we didnt mind.

We got to our hostel, alot different to Julie place, we are back 2.50 a night rooms, but hey we have a pet lizard we have named Charlie. We have a very good alarm clock too. I was woken from my afternoon nap by a cow moo outside, well that was pleasant scary but pleasant.

We did go looking to explore Varannis, but it is small streets, smells really bad and I have been chased by 2 cows. Overal a good day!!!

We are doing a boat trip at 5am tomorrow, then we fly to our NEXT COUNTRY!!! Oh yeah!!!

Watch out Nepal trolls are on tour!

tweedcouch says:
thanks for the story!
Posted on: May 04, 2009
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