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Now ladies and gentleman and shire people.


Little tip, trust your insticts, if you are told u are going for a walk, and you ask your guide if you need to put on your trekking shoes and he says no flipflops will be ok. He is lying put them on. Now we go through this park thing (we didnt really know we are still tired after the cockroaches so we are following.) We start walking up this steep steps, and me and frank go if its like this we will be fine . Esp cause we have been given bamboo sticks to support ourselves. But then we turned off.......bugger.


We are now climbing over things. Climbing up rocks. We having to be helped up. Our guide may gives us a rest at points and swing on the vines and climb trees to keep us amused. We then carry on our climb up this moutain through the jungle, getting rocky and rocky. Now we passed a sign saying there was a steep and not so steep, so we all said (inc the 2 swiss girls we met) that this must be the steep way to give us the easy way down. Nope!!! Europe logic doesnt work here. So we carry on , then we have to climb up ladders (like the one to the caves in Oberwil) Up more rocks, pulling ourselves up. Then we get to this point which is straight up and we have to climb up it, while people are trying to get down. Now this is when we find out that they are coming this way down cause its easiest. Ah!


but when we got to the top the views were amazing over jungle.There is a look up tower but i decided the views were good from here. Then after 20 mins we had to go down. Now you have to remember steph western strop has seriously screwed her foot and I have dodgy knees, so we were really not looking forward to the climb down. But all our tour were helping us in our flips flops (passing them to us when they had got stuck in a rock) Now I am ashamed to say we were really girls doing this. But it was hard climb, in flip flops, oh and we were going the steep side. I was the last one down. After the two swiss girls split to help me and frank, and we had a tour guide each. But this was serious climb. The funny thing is Frank ripped a hole in her trousers right on her bottom hehehe.


We then got back to a coach, to drive us to our hotel. then we were meant to go to Monkey island but and steph were now walking like old ladies and stayed in our hotel to rest our wounds. And we stayed another night on this lovely island and ditched our tour. Hey thats backpacking for you. But the best bit this hotel  didnt have cockroaches and the shower was hot and had more than a dribble of water!!!


Next stop Hanoi

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photo by: paaltjes