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Hi Everyone,

Here we are in Goa, now we may have only been here 36 hours but oh my god how mad has it all been .... well... let me tell you about. Are you sitting comfortably... then I shall begin.

After having a fight with James over a krispy kreme doughnut and mum buying us one each, we said our good byes and we were off.  So once i poke my finger in Franks ear to stop her crying, we went straight to.............. the pub at heathrow....mmmm malibu. So standard Susie and Frank behaviour.

We then board our plane, which i am slightly annoyed about cause they get you all excited by making you walk through the first class first. But it was fine we were in the middle and we had tv not at all like easyjet. We got pillows and blankets too!!!! This flight was ok, we talked alot, watch alot of tv, we had some curry which made us have the first mild delhi belly!! But this is all normal so far but then we get off the plane ... board the bus which takes us 10 metres to the airport yes 10 metres!!! (not like luton where u walk) SO we then get our bags, then we go away from everyone else cause we arent staying in mumbai we are going to goa. So we get led round the houses go through passport control then customs, then onto our next check in desk where we have our bags taken away and we board a bus which I can only describe as the bus from the lilt adverts. Surprised its still works, cant see out of the windows, leaking under the door and seats joined together by tape (Helen its duck tape) So as we are driven to the next terminal we get to see alittle of Mumbai. You can see some of the tin houses all packed together like you see on comic relief, there are tower blocks, palm trees, people in amazing outfits.

We now get to terminal get to secruity bit, which we join the woman only bit, where we get our tickets stamped and a woman checks be very well. very well. Then we wait for our flight. The flight hall is like a big hall but its all modern like our ones at home. Then at the end there are desks with each flight . When our flight is called we go through and wait for a bus which guess what only takes us 10 metres (there is a pattern here!!)

We get on our plane, just like easy jet one. They go through the safety part and it turns out as we are in poor seats we dont get a life jacket we only get the seat (part you sit on) as a float, first class get the life jackets, but I worked it out as we were by the door, and that not all first class was full I would steal theres!!!

Flight was quick we were off in 45 mins, no customs, no passport control, pick up bags and you can walk straight out. We went to get money changed first, and get a taxi from the TI. So when we walked out there was aman with CARTER on a sign (which he then went like Jimmy Carter us carters are world famous!!!)

The next part is the funny part......
chrigu says:
good to know you arrived well :-)
greetings from switzerland.

Posted on: Sep 19, 2008
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