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Well this place really does stink. It all smells like eggs. Moan over.

We went to the Wai o Tapi (or something like that) its between Rotarua and Taupo. Its basically one of these Thermal areas. You have to get a small boat across driven by a huge guy. Once you get over u walk round where the land is steaming, water and mud is bubbling and it all smells of can u guess what...Egg. The colours are amazing the oranges and red. Cool!

Then Rotorua town, quite large, smells of egg yes the whole town. On our last day we were busy we went to see the famous geezer and go zorbing.

Now we had to be at the ticket station for 9.45 am, so we had to pack down our van get showered and we were off. Get to ticket station everyone dumping vehicles running round to get tickets, get tickets and running back to cars and off again. Then we drive across the park , cars parking in front, we are told to carry on we park right near the entrance cause of our camper. Then we walk through the trees to ampertheatre outside with this thing that I can only describe as a papermache volcano. There must be 300 hundred people sat down waiting. When this guy comes out and explains what we are here to see. This geezer was found 100 years ago when prisoners were working in the forest they came across this spring and they decided to do there laundry in it and when they added soaped it exploded 50 feet in the air. So he goes over to this volcano thing (it is real) dropps some soap in and it starts to foam up and then explodes. Pretty cool.

After this we drove to the zorbing place just north of Rotorua. Now for those who dont know what zorbing is. It is where you go into a giant ball, they chuck water in and you roll down a hill. Pretty amazing actually. Although when I went to do it I was told to leap through a hole 30 wide (aint going to happen!) then I squeeze through top falls off, shorts fall down and oh I forgot to say the guy forgot to turn the hose pipe off, so I had twice the amount of water in (2 buckets loads) Then you stand up and you start to walk followed by falling over and sliding down this zig zag course.
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photo by: Vanessa_Mun_Yee