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One I really cant spell any more
Two. Doris and Ang, I would first like to apologise for doing a boat trip without you guys, and secondaly cause there was no dressing up or vodka jelly.

Let me tell you about our boat. It is about 3 times the width of a canal boat and a little longer. We had a dinning room (size of the upstairs room of the plough) kitchen, en suite bedroom, and a balcony above the driver/captain. It has the same base as any other boat but the walls and ceiling were made out of this weaved bamboo. It was the most gorgeous shape. Like anything I have ever seen. I will put the pics on here soon. It was amazing. But the best bit......... some people will be spitting feathers with jealousy.... it was just for 2 of us and we had 2 staff!!!! Oh yeah. First class treatment!!! Drinks and food cooked and brought to us. We have eaten a pineapple a day each on this boat. But it tastes soooo good.

The area is like what I would imagine the nile to be like. Wide and with trees and animals about. But there are some areas which were rice paddes and so there were huge areas of water, split up by lengths of land with small communties on. There is even a school boat that is busy at dusk getting all the kids home.

The water is busy, with small boats some motorised others rowered, birds flying around, butterflies, dragon flies, areas of water lilies. It is so relaxing and chilling. It has been a great escape from all the starring we have been getting.
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Vembanad Lake
photo by: spoose
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