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Now Im the king of the swingers oh jungle VIP. Oh yes I am now a monkey. But Moni always used to call me an orangatange so it seem only right I visit a place which is like King Louie pad. Angkor is the old capital of Cambodia, was taken back by the jungle when the king in 1600 moved the capital to Phon Pehn. It has the most amazing ruined temples with such fantastic carving of heads, dancers, life, animals its great.
Now the site is huge, many km. Dont know the number ask Steph. But we have just done 3 days there.

The first day we did 6 of the 200 known temples. We did this with a tour guide and a swiss couple. Which was such a good idea cause we actually knew what we were looking at rather than protending like we do!!! We were expecting this place to be soooo busy I know rather stupid as it is world famous, but it was crazy.

Huge groups of Korean tourists with silly poker hats on and head sets, cause somewhere in the complex was the guide.

Some of the temples were huge, with land mass like West Wycombe park, others were smaller. We went to one where the trees were growing through it, on it, it was crazy. I have taken lots and lots of photos so i can bore u when i get home in 15 weeks!

But as I said I was there 3 days, now the photos can do so much more than me talking about the place. But now the funny thing I can tell you about is Steph doing a lara croft down some temple steps......

Day 2.

Now we had start the day lazy as in we didnt get out until afterlunch time. Then we had lunch and by the time we got to Angkor it was 2 ish. Then we start looking around the Elephant tereace very pretty, then miss drew decides she needs the loo (big kid!) so off she went and I was going to meet her in the ruins.

So off she trots. Then some time later she appears walking down the centre walkway about 2 metres high ... as i had my camara i start doing commentary pretending she was on a catwalk. But miss drew wasnt happy... she still hadnt gone pee!! (lol) I told her that if the loo was that far, to go find our rickshaw driver (who we hired for the afternoon) and go ask him to take her. So there I thought problem solved. Silly me this is Steph nothing thats simple. (no steph i didnt call u simple.)

Now from my point of you , steph was going to the loo. So i took some pics, brought a mango, then wondered to where the rickshaw would drop her back. As i waited (aring at all the rickshaws that drove past thinking it could be her returning) I realised that our driver was now stood next to me. (cause i remember the number on his back 2448 I think they are all prisoners on day release!) Now he hadnt seen steph who left me 15-30 min ago. Where had she gone.


So I went back to where I was to begin with, there she was walking towards me on the catwalk (with a strop on) but the big question was why was her legs covered in mud?! Now in her strop to find our driver who she couldnt find, she decided to take a short cut through the woods. She happened to find the muddiest puddle and walk through and get stuck (and had a tantrum her words!) Then she didnt know where I was cause I moved. (my fault) So that what happened there. But I hear you ask where does the lara croft come in well just about now.....


So she is walking along the catwalk, me round the outside still eating my mango with chopsticks. Now for me this was perfect timing. I turned the corner just in time to see steph have to climb down some old temple steps. But what actually happened was v v funny! she got about 3 steps down before she tumbled and rolled in a hollywood fashion to the ground. Get up and shout ....... "i hate this f*ing country, I hate cambodia, and I want to go home' now if thats not funny what is that at the same time, she threw Neil the backpack in an olympic throw followed by her very muddy shoes (which went about 15 odd metres!) Now I know its wrong to laugh cause she fell and could have hurt herself, but I really dont know how i kept a straight face. All the tourists stopped , the sellers stopped, the japanese tourist didnt even get out the camera (the fools I would have brought the pics) It was very dramatic. Steph had a proper western strop. To the point when I walked over the road to the stalls 70 metres away they asked if my friend was ok. Now she does know how to get herself noticed!


Now Frank is ok. Just so you know. I brought her icecream. We did think she may had broken a small bone in her foot cause of the huge swelling and bruise but the quickness of this healing makes us think not. But if there is a time where I wish I was followed by camera that would be it cause that film would be priceless!

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photo by: ulysses