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Well after a very long bus journey, here we are at Ha Long Bay. It is a very busy harbour with tourist everywhere. We all got onto our boat (we being the tour) But this being Asia, we had to climb on the boat which was 6ft below the pier!!! Oh well we are fond of an adventure.


Now we had lunch as a group, then were checked into our rooms. Our room is beginner and better to look at than others we stayed in but we didnt realise what the night would have for us. But you will have to be dedicated and read the whole to find that out.


So right the boat cruise for a bit and we arrive at one of the islands. Oh let me to tell you about Halong Bay first, its a world hertiage site or somethign like that. It has lots of little islands dotted about, which are covered in treees and have amazing rough rock edges. The water is so clear, its like a blue green colour so pretty. Right now back to the trip. We arrived at this island, which we walked up 100 metres of steps to gain entrance of the cave. Now being a cave troll, I am quite used to caves, but this was the oddest cave. Dont get me wrong it was pretty, it was like the mountain on this island was hollow. Thy used amazing light effects and it was very pretty. But it was odd, cause it was cold or damp, there was no moss or plant life where the lights were. It was like a new polished cave. Very odd. But pretty. But then this is what I could only think if Sir Edward saw it he would do it at the HFC. The amazing spring. The water shot up 5ft in the air  like a fountain but it came out of a rock... so I am thinking, look in the rock and u will find a hose pipe! But the tourist loved it take photos in amazment, me well I took one cause it was too funny not too.


After this we cruised around, they stopped somewhere for people to do kayaking and swimming and then the sunset over this amazing peaceful place.


Now that night me and steph wanted an early night, what we actually got was .... loud asian music being played by the lazy cabin staff, and a room full of dancing cockroaches. Now these werent the big ones, these were the small ones which move so fast, trust I know I was trying to catch them on the wall, window, bed everywhere with a glass. It was crazy.


Now we were meant to stay 2 nights on this boat but cause of a cockup we are staying in hotel on an island tomorrow thank god!!!


I feel itchy!

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Ha Long Bay
photo by: Paulovic