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Hey everyone,

I will try to put some pics on here soon I promise.

Well what have we upto. After some retail therpy yesterday cause I have knackered my shoes and one of my pairs of trousers did even last the flight out of the uk without the zip breaking. Today was the day of culture.

We started off the day discovering Gandi. Which was something I was really looking forward to. It was a musuem in his last place of residence and where he got killed. It was a fantastic musuem. The upstairs had great things for kids and the gardens were really spirtual!

After this we stopped for a pee in claridges (we dont do squatting and Lady Julie only takes us to the best places to pee!!)

Then we entered the madness. Old Delhi.

There is a reason why the british built a new one I can tell you. Small roads, dirty, well dodge electrics, busy, staring. As this week is festival of some kind it is extra mad.

We pulled into a carpark.But like everything India, it not well thought out. So everyone is piling in, no one can get out. cars parked 6 deep, and then why not try sell bunnies and parrots at the same time. But we found somewhere else to park, then I got scared.

We got 3 bicycle rickshaws, Julie and Steph in one, me in the other, then by magic Gunger the driver overtook us in another shouting lovely gubbly in an indian accent. (we have taught him great things!) Now we are going to the spice market. So imagine, weaving down dark new york sized alleys, with people staring, trying to sell you things, no one moving out of way of cars, bikes, rickshaws tat drive into people to tell them to move. Mad!

Then we do a bit of detour and go to the biggest mosque in Asia (cause the rickshaw drivers thought we should go) wasnt that impressed after the Taj Mahal!

Then back on the |Rickshaws. We get to the spice market and as you can imagine you can buy all kindas of things, but we got nuts and we were off again.

This time I started to worry, my rickshaw started without everyone else so I told him to wait. Then a passaby told me I was white like Chicken (u get to feel very loved here) But I found out what the hold up was Gugen Rickshaw had disappeared, so he jumped into mine and we were off well for 10 mins then if by magic the rickshaw appeared and we all swapped again. So I am in front, with Gugen and Steph in second place, Julie in thrid. Mine is supposly (as describe by driver) indian heliccopter. I think not. Bloody scary oh yes! So we are zooming down these streets, occasionly passing each other so we are pretending we are F1 drivers. But mine was competive, as it was a case of smell my dust. EEk!!!

But I survived, just.

Then one has to recover from one outting in the common parts and go to the Imperial for afternoon tea with Lady Julie and Dame Drew. SO not only have we peed in a top class hotel, we also dine there too!

It was absolutely splendid. The cucmber sandwiches were delious no crusts of course. Delious cakes and the cream teas werent as delightful as the ones served on West Wycombe estate but still refreshing after ones wiery day traveling and exploring.

Well done you Lady Julie for suggesting such a marvelous place.
chrigu says:
thank you for the great journals :-)
love to read your adventures
Posted on: Oct 15, 2008
mumsy says:
a good time you are having thank you for the photos
Posted on: Oct 10, 2008
mumsy says:
sorry deleted the n
Posted on: Oct 08, 2008
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