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Well ladies and gentleman not sure if you are still reading my blog but I thought I better updated it.

Well here we are in Hamner springs, after missing our turning in Christchurch and going the long way round. Then off back across New Zealand to Hamner Springs. Very pretty the route is. Along winding roads. Too this tiny town which is famous for hot springs.

Now steph can give you better an idea of what its like cause she went and did it unlike me who spent as much time as possible sleeping and watching the neighbours but I will get back to that. Now from what Frank told me there is lots of pool you can go into each of different temptures starting from warm to warmer (she did tell me but um well I wasnt listening that hard) But the one thing I would suggest is go at nightime cause Steph said there are lots of hairy men.... right now the neighbours....

Now being on a campsite you get to watch people putting tents up and down. No one ever struggles! humph.  But my pastime is now what are they taking in. Now I woke up to find this huge 4x4 next to us and a huge alien spaceship size tent landed next to it. The couple well how ould I describe them well he looks like he should be picking a fight with someone and her well she must be friends with Victoria Becham (looks high maintance) But the stuff they had. They must have had 4 suitcase, 1 or 2 beauty bags, table , chairs, cooker, bbq, golf clubs, bikes, guitar and a gun!!!!!! Thats just what I saw cause steph said I was staring to much and the windows werent blacked out so m face up against the glass was obvious
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Hanmer Springs
photo by: Besandri