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Don Chan Hotel
Sorry these a very short blogs, because I am trying desparately to catch up!!!

So we got up, we had to check out and find somewhere else to stay, cause 100 a room was expensive by english standards! So we were about to go in the town, but at check out we got chatting to the lady next thing we know we are booked on a bus at 2pm to Vient Vieng or as we are calling it ving vang vong, everything is just a madeup place name here!!

So We may have been here only one day, we may have only seen whats was out of window, but we are leaving again!!! We are really doing the traveling thing.

For 2 pounds each we are on a bus for 5 hours. Next to a guy from plymouth with his danish wife who now live in Hong Kong (so we are getting tips) eatting caaaakkkeee, well black forest and cheesecake on the bumpest bus (it is like the kid from jim'll fix it eating on a rollercoaster!)

But this trip is great we are driving through the countryside it is gorgeous, landscape of rolling mountains, bit like lost. Moni the bus trip had a couple of moments where I thought it was going to turn out like the film dragonfly. But we survived! We are now in ving vang vong
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Don Chan Hotel
Don Chan Hotel
First look of Laos capital bit glo…
First look of Laos capital bit gl…
photo by: skydiver