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I know how much you guys have been missing my stories of bus travel. Well here we are another classic boring story for you guys. But I just want you guys to feel my pain.


SO we go for Hoi an to Hue by normal bus fine normal. Get out. Swap buses to a sleeper bus. Now we have already done this so we are thinking that was fine and at half the cost of the train we will do it again. Silly us we forgot this is Asia and that it won't be consistant. Now this coach had bunkbeds, yes u read that right. Sounds fun. Oh no, what it is imagine hospital /ambalance beds as bunk beds, but made for people 5 ft tall and so u sit upright. Now there we 3 rows of 4 2 tiers then at the back the 5beds next to each other 2 tiered. So its quite compact. YOu get told to take your shoes off put them in the bag which gets put i the space behind your head in a box. at the next person feet. Now I climbed in and it cosey in width, now in length.... well I have one leg either side of steph head!!! Oh yeah she is lovely that esp cause my feet stink. But the best bit of all is the box that u put ur shoes in (that only fits ur shoes in) is the only storage for your bags. So there is me in the smallest child bed with a rucksake between my knees on a bumpy bus, that every time i move i bump my head on the ceiling or the window or my hips on the sides bars. It really is like a hospital transfer. Then just when u get cosy. The bus stops for the toilet break. SO u get up and then have to start the routine again. I am so pleased this is our last sleeper in Asia!

Next stop Ha Long Bay

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photo by: mario26