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Well I am going to start this with my injuries. My bum hurts (have a large bruise!) , my boobs are sore, back hurts, and my arms ache. Now I dont like to windge but I feel you guys may feel this is funny how I got these injuries!

So we woke in Kathmandu in Hotel Lai Lai, packed, walked down the stairs, went to the hotel next door and paid. All ok. Then we had to walk to the bus stop which was mean to be 15 minutes away. So off we went with a map on business card, 15kg bag on our back, 7 kg back on our front, bottle of water each. SO off we are going. All the time 'want a rickshaw' 'where u  going ' want a taxi' But for 15 minutes I was going to walk. (even if steph was complainig) So after 20 mintues and no where near. I couldnt stand steph wining (sorry hun, you know you are bad!) So we approached a rick shaw . Now for those who dont know rick shaws are a bicycle with a 2seat roof trailer thing on back. Both of us are as wide as this with our bags. So Franks gets on. I pass her Helen the big bag (which has filled the rick shaw) Then Monk (the day bag) now my turn. I sit in rickshaw have Helen (big bag between my legs) The drivers realises I am a big girl and I have basically filled the space even without the bags and he puts neil on his pack (my day bag)

Then we are off. Cycling very slowly. At 6.30 am.
Now as I clentch my knees together to ensure helen doesnt fall, frank is just a mess of bags next to me. But the problem is I am sliding off the rickshaw. SO I adjust now sitting semi side saddled, but with every bump my arse gets poke my the side of the rickshaw(hence the bruise on my butt!)

We finally arrive and the cheeky sod wants to charge us 200 ruppess each, I told him pretty much to sod off, as it was only really worth 200 at the most. So I get off grab my bags, frank pays.

At our bus (thank god a tourist bus, cause I didnt fancy sitting on the roof for 6 hours) We lifted our bags onto the roof. ( which I found out lifting your bag of 15 kilos on to a roof hurts ur arms in the morning) Found our way  to our seats. Then we were off.

Now ladies. We were sat at the back. The roads are uneven. So you will be bouncing along. So always ensure you wear a supportie bra. Learn by my mistakes please!!!

Now when we arrived in Pokhara, we got a taxi to our hotel. Now for the carpenters reading this... let me tell you about the delights of our room. Get a 14 yr old appretice. 2 by4 and couple sheets of ply and a bag of nails and you too can make the furniture in our room. (hence the back!)

So there you go, you are now up to date!

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photo by: Makkattack