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I went to a special place to sleep. On the way to the hotel I met two English girls and we all went to the floating hotel somewhere in the middle of the jungle. It was very quiet with only the river making some noise. No electricity or running water just a hammock and oil lamps. The bath room was really nice and environmental friendly. When I wanted to flush the toilet I discovered that there was nothing to accomplish that. Because of the shutters it was dark but cool inside. I noticed the little water tank, and by opening the crane you could easily poor in some river water. With this water you had to flush the toilet. The shower was in the same little room, and it worked excellent. It's just a normal shower we're used to at home. But also showering with nice clean and cool river water.

.. :-) After relaxing in the hammock I noticed that there was a fisherman, I didn't noticed him earlier because he was very quiet. He set some traps to catch some fish, and he was checking the traps if any fish would be in there.

When I was just dressing up for a good night sleep I heard the English girls yelling and shouting a lot of 'Oh my's'. And because it wasn't ending I decided to go watching what was happening. Quickly in the dark I putted my t-shirt back on and took my flashlight with me. The two girls were seated high above the ground on a table and pointed out where the intruder was. A really big, huge and enormous white spider was walking nearby their door. After admiring the huge spider for a minute of five I set off to ask the reception guys if the spider would be poisonous.

Suddenly I discovered that I was not only wearing my t-shirt front to rear but also inside out. How strange would that look asking if the spider would be poisonous? Above all I was waving with a 2 meter of washing instructions of my t-shirt. Well after a quick look I managed to change my shirt at a normal position and the receptionist told me the spider wasn't poisonous at all. :-) The other morning at breakfast with the English girls it was the story of the day; yep the white spider. How dangerous the spider would be. It was quite easy at daylight having big stories about the enormous white spider.

After breakfast we decided to travel back and went together to the Erawan waterfalls. I put the story at my Dutch blog and got many reactions on the white spider story. A lot of them said that they haven't see a white spider once in their lives and I had to take a picture of this special creature. But I'm sory guys; I'd never thought about it to take a picture of it. The only thing I could do was admiring the spider and thinking/asking how poisonous it could be. Others think I blow up it's size while it was just a very little one, hard to see with bear eye. Well without exaggerating it was the size of a human hand. And one bloke would stand at a safe distance of 5 meters... :-)


Jacqinmiddenamerika says:
OK, I'll grab one English hand, make one picture of my camera and rescue the spider!! LOL
Posted on: Jan 05, 2009
Sweetski says:
OK Jaqueline: Altijd EERST een foto en dan pas reddingsacties ondernemen :D
Posted on: Jan 04, 2009
sylviandavid says:
OMG..... That is huge, huge, huge..... Even if you got the photo you would need to get something next to it for a comparison.... like.. maybe one of the English girls hands?..... not! sylvia
Posted on: Jan 04, 2009
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photo by: wbboy29