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Doing my last castration
Had a slightly later start than normal and headed over to the Injalak Art Centre to have a look at the Arnhem Land art. There was so much great stuff. Sticks carved into birds and painted, paintings, jewellery made out of seeds and nuts, and pandanus baskets and mats. After browsing for ages I finally settled on an A4-sized painting of a billabong scene for $55 and a multi-coloured pandanus basket with handles for $66. I also bought an old 2006 calendar for $5. We stayed at the gallery til about 10:30am then headed over to the clinic to start work. I did two castrations and a lot of anaesthesia for F's many spays. G that owns the pool brought in his dog that had been attacked by a pig when hunting them. It had a left-sided pneumothorax and a torn scrotum with one testicle hanging out. L + F patched him up as best they could and then told G to take the dog immediately to Darwin. It was a very hot, humid day. Just as we were almost finished up for the day a local man ran up and said another local man had collapsed in the middle of the oval. A + I ran over and got him into the local's ute who drove him back to the clinic and dropped him off. I took his heart rate and felt his pulse pressure and gave him some water and we tried to talk to him. Unfortunately, by this time all of the health clinic staff had gone home. Before we'd worked out what to do next he'd got up and started to walk off. We watched him head off into the distance, figuring there wasn't much we could do, when he lay back down again. This time he was even more out of it. A car full of locals pulled up and one guy said he was the young man's uncle and was asking how many fingers he was holding up, which he got right. He told us the man hadn't taken his medication. Everyone left until it was just me, A, and the young man again, who had again started to wander off, in the completely different direction to his house. There was nothing more we could do and we were both disappointed and frustrated that no one seemed to give a damn. Apparently we should just have pressed a button on the front of the clinic to get the nurse out, but how were we supposed to know that? Anyway, we finished up for the day and headed to the pool to watch the sun set. We had noodle races which was fun. For tea we had beef stirfry followed by jelly and cookies + cream and chocolate icecream.
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Doing my last castration
Doing my last castration
Kunbarllanjnja (Oenpelli)
photo by: Clarafina