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My Art Work on Display... Artistically of course!

Well, I turned XX this year and spent it on a surprise Carnival cruise to the Bahamas. I kinda had a sense we were going on a trip, but didnt want to spoil the surprise, so I went with the flow... Man was it a good time!!

We arrived at JFK on Thursday afternoon and flew to Miami with crappy old American Airlines... Man can they ever get a flight out on time? Well, the flight was delayed 2 hours; then we sat on the tarmac for 2 or more hours just waiting, waiting, waiting..... lol. I got so bored that I unwrapped the little twisty ties from the headphones and started making different mustaches.... lmao. 

The plan was to have dinner on the strip and go to a club....We got in so late that it didnt happen. Instead we went to a 24 hour diner, stuffed our asses with burgers, and went to bed.

Just making sure...ha
.... The next day we woke up and headed to the Ship.... We changed into bathing suits immediately and headed to the pool for drinks and some grub....mmmmm. From there on it was all about drinking, grubbing, and catching sun! I know, I know, cruises are so generic... the ordinary persons way of traveling... 'cuz you cant get into the heart and soul of a destination by fully exploring it....instead you spend too much time doing what we were doing....eating, drinking, and grubbing. Haha. However, cruises serve a good purpose...RELAXATION. Not having to worry about how your going to get somewhere; where your going to go; and giving you a small taste of the country, to see if you want to return. Soooo the cruise served its purpose. 

We docked in the Bahamas on Saturday morning and were not scheduled to leave until Sunday morning, which meant we had some time to explore Nassau.

However, we decided to head towards the beaches by Atlantis. The option was taking a cab or water taxi... We opted for the water taxi, in order to get a feel for the lay of the land... It was awesome to see all the amazing million dollar houses out there. We arrived by Atlantis and walked right through it to get to the beach... That freaking place is gigantic. An amazing sight. I decided to take in some more sun once we got to the beach, while others went Jet Skiing. Man the dudes who rent the jet skiis are like fiends. They attack you and make you feel uncomfortable about doing business with them. Im from NY, so we consider everything to be suspect...hahaha. I sat by the beach to tan and watch my crazy ass friends zip across the oh so clear water.
.. One of them flipped the Jet Ski and pissed the owner off...hahaha. Hey thats what you get for rushing to do business with a maniac who thinks hes Mario Andretti on the water. lmao.

We went back to the boat for a quick lunch afterwards and returned to the dock to meet up for a snorkeling tour. The fish out there were amazing and bright. Some of the girls with us were sissys, so they made sure they swam anywhere the fish werent...hahah. The tour boat left us by the trincket shops, so some of us went shopping for souveniers, while the rest went to the aquarium at Atlantis. I opted for the souvenier shopping, cuz I knew I wanted to return to Atlantis in the future and see the aquarium without rushing.

Everybody met up on the boat for dinner afterwards.

I am a pretty friendly guy, as are my friends, so we made several connections with the staff... They told us that Carnival is owned by the Bahamas, so this place is the only location that they are allowed to get off the boat at. Imagine going to all these beautiful places and never being able to step foot on them...worst part is hearing all the fun stories that people bring back onto the ship when youve passed that place a million times and have none to show for it. Anyway, they loved us so much that they invited us to party with the staff at a local club, while all the other tourists were going to wack ass Senor Man do these cruise employees know how to get down.

Go Pablo!!! Suck her face He's an employee...good example your setting there buddy. =)
.. There were make out sessions, strip shows, and tons of liquor spilling everywhere. There must have been a huge orgee on the ship after everyone went back...haha. Matter of fact I swear I felt the ship rocking up and down for a while during the night....lmao. I know I drank my ass off, bought drinks for some of the staff, recieved drinks from the staff, and had a blast. We made it onto the ship about two hours before it left to see...  Me and my boy Jose were singing a reaggae song about eating pizza the whole way back...hhaha. Me like me pizza nice and crunchy.... lol.  Yeah, we did it!!! Pizza after a long night of partying...

We spent a day out at sea after leaving Nassau.

Piss drunk and sweating our cojones off...well some of us.
.. Guess what we did? Eat, Drink, and take in Sun.. =) However, it started raining on the evening of the last day out at sea, which sucked, but was ok, because there were tropical storms out there and we managed to avoid them until then. It was pouring cats and dogs when we docked at Miami... This is where I split from the group. They went home and I stood in Florida to visit family. I did a bit of jet skiing in Tampa, went to Busch Gardens, went to Walmart, and Sonics...haha. We dont have Walmart or Sonics in NYC, so I like going whenever I encounter one. The rest of the time was spent chilling with my brother and family. 

To tell you the truth Ive never had a vacation like this... It was truly relaxing... My usual trips involve me planning everything I want to do and trying to cramp it in during my stay. Im usually popped by the time Im done, so it was nice to come home refreshed.     

yadilitta says:
Posted on: Aug 27, 2008
FR-ank says:
tell us more :)))
Posted on: Aug 15, 2008
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My Art Work on Display... Artistic…
My Art Work on Display... Artisti…
Just making sure...ha
Just making sure...ha
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Go Pablo!!! Suck her face red...l…
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Piss drunk and sweating our cojon…
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Making sure they work!!!
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