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The JetStar flight from Sydney to Phuket was uneventful and quite comfortable. Thanks to the ‘crash friendly’ seats of the Airbus 320 (read slimline with little padding), the legroom was quite impressive and most welcome. The flight was almost full and, in what has to be a first for me on an international flight, there was plenty of room available in the overhead storage compartments. I guess JetStar’s reputation for ruthless enforcement of their luggage allowances was well-known to most passengers.

We landed a little ahead of schedule, which must have caused some problems for the ground staff at Phuket ‘International’ Airport; there was some confusion as we disembarked the plane and became caught up with passengers being directed to embark onto another aircraft but through the same passageway.

It must have been a very busy evening at the airport because once we exited through customs and purchased a taxi voucher into Patong, there were no taxis to be seen. We ended up waiting for just over half an hour for a taxi.

I’m not sure if this is in the wake of the New Year’s Eve bombs in Bangkok or because the hotel attracts a lot of foreigners, but our taxi was stopped at the entrance to the hotel (which has 3 guards on duty at all times) and one of the guards checked the underside and boot of the car with a mirror and torch, presumably for explosives, before allowing the taxi through the gate and up the hill to the hotel.

WaltJake says:
I was in London a few days after the subway/bus bombings...the Bobbies there cordoned off and evacuated a 3 block radius because someone left a backpack on the sidewalk outside a restaurant!
Posted on: Apr 04, 2007
Purdy says:
I know that we had security checks similar to this in 2005 post Bali bomb and when we were in Bangkok the year previous there were guards on the streets with guns! State of the world we live in unfortunately. Heather
Posted on: Feb 11, 2007
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