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OMG Erin has the whole weekend planned. She knows what I like…..FRO YO, FOOD, and OUTDOORS. We planned to have a FOOD NETWORK’S GUY FIERI FOOD ADVENTURE. She did plenty of research.  We were on the road, I texted Julz (mzjulz85), Jillian (jillianj), my bro, Ira and my cousin, Lee (askmrlee) that I have arrived. Lee, Julz and Ira lives in San Jose. However, Julz and Ira were at work. My called Lee to meet us at the FALAFEL’S DRIVE IN, he said he has never been there.

This was a good time to go.


It was about 45min drive to San Jose. Erin and I were talking about FOOD. Everybody knows I love frozen yogurt. I was hoping there was a frozen yogurt place in SJ. Hehehe I did not research ahead a time. too busy worrying about what to pack as always.


OMG it took as longer to arrive to SF. Hahaha I don’t want to disclose the story. I don’t want to sleep in streets the next time I visit Sacramento. At the end, Erin and I both were laughing. I was not cranky from hunger yet. I was too busy laughing my ass off. HAHAHA


We all ate and hung out together.  I have seen lee since he got married in 2006. It was great to see him. I plan to visit him and his family in the future.  Shortly thereafter, lee invited us to his house.

it was already about 3pm. might as well hang out until the traffic on the bay bridge ends. Erin might as well work too. it was also a good time to spend quality time with lee.


We asked Lee if there was a FRO YO spot in SJ. There was one called willow glen ice cream. Erin called and they had sugar free flavors. Woohoo I was down with that. After the 10 cent tour of his house, we sat down and he showed me photos from his honeymoon in Tahiti and winter holiday in Japan to his in laws.  Erin was working away on her lappy and celly that she completely shut us down. Which is fine she needed some work done, better here than in traffic.


Lee has been traveling since he was a kid. My aunt and uncle loves to travel. I remember receiving a postcard every summer from them since I moved to the USA.

Lee has been to about 10 countries before college.  He was quite a globe trotter for his age. I guess that is how my mum got into travel bug. I started being a globe trotter at 15. I went to Hong Kong, Singapore, France, Spain, Portugal, Canada, and Mexico before college.  Well, Philippines do not count since I was born there. That is more than an average 15 year old.


I got to know Lee very well. We did not grow up together. My cousins are all over the USA. We did not really met until we were teens. Lee loves coffee preferably starbucks.  He has a cappuccino machine. I worked my barista skillz. I pride myself on being a froth master. SEE ALL PHOTOS on Erin's blog. Too bad Lee did not have non fat milk, tt froths the best. Hahaha considering I HATE COFFEE. I am a damn good cappuccino/latte maker. I am more of a tea drinker.

  Erin is so funny she was taking photos the whole time trying to capture my technique. HAHAHA.


Afterwords we left to have FRO YO at willow glen. OMG I can’t believe there was a NO CAMERAS ALLOWED in the shop. I just took photos of our fro yo and went outside to enjoyed our sinless desserts. It was a beautiful day too. it was cooler in Vegas for sure.  It was about 5pm and lee has some work to do. It was that time to drive up to SAC. I was sharing my plans with lee. Erin and I were planning to meet up with Julz and her nephew for breakfast in SJ and then hang out in SF on Saturday. Erin had a hankering for dim sum.  Lee knows the best places to eat in SF. We talked about having dim sum at 10am in Milpitas on Saturday, which is near SJ. We talked Julz to come to dim sum with us.  YAY she was down to meet up. I forwarded Julz the directions to the dim sum place.


We said our good byes and went on our separate ways. Erin said the traffic should be clear. It was about a 2hr drive to SAC. Erin told me not to fall asleep and to keep her company. Eeeeeeeeeeek we have not hit the bay bridge and I was out cold. Hahahaha. I would wake up I spurts and jump up and say to erin “ARE YOU OK” while I was rubbing her arm. I told her to wake me up if there was anything to take photos of HAHAHA. oh geeez I was tired…..


I have to admit, there are no cows in SAC. Hey am a lakers fan with all the talks about Phil Jackson talking about cow bells in SAC during kings’s games. It was surprisingly a very lush and hilling city. Well, john (jpchoi) NO COWS HERE IN SAC!!!! HAHAHA


It was early enough to swing by to Guy Fieri’s Tex WASABI for a snack. Since we were in the area why not, geez I think Erin will regret doing a FOODIE ADVENTURE with me after this trip HAHAHA. OMG we had middle eastern food, fro yo, BBQ and sushi WTF IS THAT MIX!?!?!?!?


It was late, it is true what she has been saying about her Disney craze. She has pooh everywhere. SEE PHOTOS at the end of blog. I was so tired that I when to the guest room where I was staying. I have a routine that on every trip I upload photos on lappy and charge my digi cam. OMG low and behold I forget my efffing “black bag”, it holds my digi cam battery charger, digi cam wires, and plugs. I called Erin in the next room to vent. I hate sharing photos. I feel as if I not personal. UGH!!!!!  I could not even upload my photos. I have to borrow erin’s digi cam and wire to upload all weekend. I do have to go to best buy to purchase a charger.  I AM EFFING ANNOYED. I AM GLAD I ATE WELL TODAY…HAHAHA





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