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As usual I did not sleep that much the night before.  5 days in NORCALI and with a carry on. YES I was stressing. Erin and talked about doing outdoors activities. I packed as much as I can. i am always have the mandatory item that I can’t forget:  CELLY CHARGER, LAPPY, DIGI CAM, and FLAT IRON. Granted I know Erin (poohstanggt) would have 2 out of the 4, I want to have my own.


I woke up at 7am to be at the airport at 8am and catch my flight at 9:20am. I did not even eat breakfast. I knew as soon as I landed, Erin and I will start our FOODIE ADVENTURES.  I need to have my stomach ready. Hahaha forget about my liver, GOOSING in NOCALI is not my main thought.


I texted Erin letting her knows am at the airport and my flight is on time.

  She plans to leave extra early just in case there is traffic to SFO.  She is driving from Sacramento. Normally it takes 1hr and half to drive. I also texted her when I am in the plane. It was a light flight. I flew southwest as always. It was a light flight since I flew in the morning and on a Thursday. I plan to sleep in the plane. I had the 3 seats all to myself.


The next thing I know 1hr and 20mins has pasted. I took photos of SF from the plane. So far it’s clear on my side. I hope the golden gate bridge is fog free on Saturday. I texted Erin letting her know I have landed. She was 15mins away. This is my first time in SFO airport. I have not been to SF since 2004. That is another story. Although before that in was here in 1996. I need to see more the city this time or at least the basic tourist spots.


*sniff sniff* hamburgers. That is the first thing I smelled in the airport I did not see the restaurant in slight. Hmmm i am all about the FRO YO….frozen yogurt. I walked towards the exit. Hmmm am so use to LAS(macaren) airport. There is no PASSENGER PICKUP sign. It seems like LAS is the only one that has it. I I called Erin to let her know I was outside the baggage claim. I went towards a clearing to give Erin some space to park.


HAHAHA I just saw Erin last month in VEGAS.  Then I guided her to where I was. Then I saw her white Toyota at a distance. oh geez you can’t miss me. YELLOW BACKPACK and ORANGE LUGGAGE…HAHAHA, I gave a big wave. “hiiiiiiii” we gave each other a big hug and jump in the car and off to San José for our next stop….FALAFEL’S DRIVE IN




mellemel8 says:
erin and i have skillz :P
Posted on: Aug 28, 2008
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