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Eventually the smog clears and we see the mountains in the distance. They loom up ahead of us like a skyscraper in a concrete jungle, towering down as we bump over rocks and debris leaving dusty as go. Slowly, the road begins to deteiate and the scenery begins to improve. We climb higher and higher and my head begins to hurt. We are following a wide river, rocky and fast flowing. I try to film through the open window but the car is shaking to much and i nearly loose my camera over the edge. We stop for a bowl of salted green beans, bamboo shoots, asparagas and fried pork fat served centre-table and taken on a bed of rice. Our driver picks up a stray lady-friend who appears from no where and we continue to follow the river winding in and out and around like the tail of a great restfull dragon.

Autumn leaves fall around the Giant Pandas of Wolong. Scenic views line the sky, but alas the sun is gone, as should I. Incubaters, building sites, welders welding through the lasting light, No drinks, No hat to lay as I onced planned, before today. Heathy Air poluted by fumes of cars and facories - and electric  bears. They sleep they chill, they do not care. Bamboo who who? Bamboo who who? who will save me from my head? Is this life or am I dead? Sleep is like waking and waking ok, dreams are almost exactly what the seem here from this day in.

Soy been coffee aint so great but coldness seems to numb the taste
Time at home, it goes so fast but here it seems to last and last
Autumn Scenes are all so bright but dulness seems to wrong the rights
I want to see the mountain views, I need to hear the winter blues
Oh, my love, where art thou? If only you could be here now
All those times of crying wolf
Sent soft paws running to the north
The unforgiving search for peace
Through the eyes of crystal sheep
Tear me from this nightmare
Shake me, Wake me, Make me aware
That betrayal is not forever
Say its like the weather
Changing from enraging
To a spring so clear
Oh how i long for.

I awake to feed some pandas with my keeper, a funny little man called Cho. The pandas I have been assigned to are called Urshua and SheShe. Both are 4 years old and huge, both girls I think. Cho's a nice guy but the language barrier makes the simplist things become tedious. It rained a lot today which is no supprise since clouds cover this place like the fur on a pandas back. I am to clean the pandas houses (and gardens) twice a day along with replenishing bamboo, its nice to finally have something to do. Over the next few days I just wonder round like a zombie whos lost his purpose in life. I get some good footage of various pandas including a rather sweet little fellow. It strikes me that they are really quite lazy creatures and if these people wern't here then the pandas probobly wouldn't be either.
A baby Panda is due to arrive from Washington, USA today. Lots of camera crews around and preperations beging made and everyone is in high spirits, baloons lights and decorations line the entrance to sanctuary and crouds are thickening as the night draws in.

Zagnut66 says:
Congrats on being featured! Even if its seven years after the fact.
Posted on: Jun 21, 2014
tashgorgeous says:
you have amazing photos and great words. you're pretty gifted. i'm loving the pandas now. :)
Posted on: May 17, 2009
melrees says:
You have a way with words young man.
Posted on: Sep 08, 2008
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The Pandas

The first thing that hits you is the silence, with the occasional panda squeek (yes pandas make various noises) in their waking hours. Beware of the description of Wolong Nature Reserve. There is no transport, facilities or options to see any animals other than Giant Panda in Wolong. The pandas themselves are, obviously, in captivity but absolutely cute enough to meet for the day. Conditions are healthy and the staff are loving - Most of them spoke better english than my mandarin -  and better panda than human.

Please don't go makinng the mistake I did (In my naive fears of traveling alone) and paying an English tour company (Name and Shame FRONTIER) £1500 plus flights to set a conservatoin project up for you. Not only did FRONTIER promise facilities and attractions that didn't exist in the area but they also made a complete mess of everything. It turned out that there is a bus from Chengdu to Wolong, You can volunteer directly at the Sanctuary and a hotel is right outside. Probobly for about 1/10 of the price.

Black and white

A Cat footed mammal

Twenty-five types of bamboo I eat

Sometimes the stems but mainly the leaf

Much habitat has all been destoyed

What once was a valley is now just a void

Higher and Higher in the mountains we go

To try and escape the destruction below

Half of my kindred have perished this decade

Reliance on man is such a facade

I stand proud as a symbol of chinese-prestige

Whilst bear cousins status has slowly decreed

I am innocent, docile, thoughtfull and divine

I am ying, I am yang as I hide and I shine

A definitive jaw and razor sharp claws

sharp as the swords of dynasty lords.

Here not does hibination take place

No grassy retreat, No shelterfull caves

Standing solitary since mating time

Creating pink pandas, helpless and blind.



The Giant Pandas of Wolong Part …
photo by: chimera15