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It was another great morning, it’s nice falling asleep and waking with a smile, because you know it will be a good day. As I was heading to Pickles for breakfast I noticed the submarine conning tower for the USS Hawkbill SSN666. After being a submarine sailor, (Not submariner, that is a sub par mariner), plus working as a defense contractor for years on subs you know the name associated with the hull number at a glance. I inquired at the restaurant and found out that Arco was the first town in the world to be powered by atomic power. The old Naval nuclear training facility is located near by and the Hawkbill was designated as the towns submarine when it was commissioned.

After breakfast I headed west to the Craters of the Moon NP. Nice and quite in the morning.

Find the chipmunk.

From there it was a quick jaunt to the Grand Tetons NP. It was a nice ride through there, the area is fantastic and boy they are some Tetons.

Then it was up to Yellowstone and the Continental Divide crossing. I did cross it a couple of times but only one picture. I didn’t take a whole lot of photos because I will be back tracking in the morning. By the way that is ice on the lake Seth.

A Snake river runs through it.

Lake Ice.

Crossing the divide. ChrisH, you would have liked these bikers, they waved and didn't have load pipes Very Happy

Welcome to Montana.

I ended up in West Yellowstone, MT for the evening and the motel clerk sent me to the micro brewery next door, Wolf Pack Brewing Company. I had a great jalapeño burger and some fantastic micro brews, I even took a growler back to the room. Now Montana has some strange laws for micro breweries. They are only allowed to be open until 8 pm and can only serve 3 brews per person per day. This law was written 70 years ago and keeps staying on the books because the tavern lobby wants it that way. The MB’s do not have to pay a liquor license so it makes the taverns mad. Now the way the MB’s survive is the taverns buy their kegs to sell in their establishments. Strange law, support your local micro brewery.



If you ever stop in Arco, ID stay at the DK Motel, quaint place and the proprietor gives you free soap and dryer sheets for your laundry. Eat at Pickles Place, it's only 1 block away, the Atomic Burger is nothing fancy but for breakfast get the Denver Hash. It's like a Denver omelet but they use hash browns instead. So you get hash browns with, ham, peppers, onions, tomatoes and cheese, now that's an all day meal.

When you get to West Yellowstone, MT, eat at the Wolf Pack Brewery, the jalapeño burger is great and they had a great Irish Stout that took a while to pour with a nice thick dark head. I think I will to come back for more.

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West Yellowstone
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