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The count down is on!!!!  In just 4 weeks we board our first flight.  Our lives the past three and half months have revolved around serving tourists, answering their questions, solving their problems, an doing our very best to have fun with them!  Now it is our turn to do the touring...and so much more.  I have spent the last month researching and researching.  I think I have done more research for this trip already than I have for an paper I wrote in college.  There is credibility in that too because I actually read textbooks as a student! 

Last week I went to my hometown library, which I must say looks amazingly classing since they remodeled.  I checked out four books, which likely have felt abandoned for a while.  The first book i am reading is called "Walking the Bible".  It is taking me on an excellent journey through the Middle East.  The stories or the Bible and history of that area are coming alive and enhancing the meaning of the locations I will get to see as well as blowing me away spiritually. 

The past few weeks have been all about online orders and packages in the mail!  Who doesn't love wripping off the sticky packaging tape from a box received from the UPS man?  It is like Christmas!  The most exciting package will come tomorrow containing our visas to get into Syria.  What a relief...our passports back in our possession.

Today my backpack arrived in a rather large but feather light box...perfect!  Now I get to figure out how to pack six weeks of needs into a backpack that I must lug along and yet still have room to bring back some precious momentos.  Our shopping list has/does include purifying water bottles, rain jackets, hiking shoes, backpacks, baselayer clothing, vaccinations, plane tickets, SD camera cards, ipods, travel pillows, travel guides, etc.  Last minute packing in this type of situation would make for an uncomfortable adventure.  We will definitely have some of our american comforts, but those will be our few treasures we cling too when feeling homesick. 

People who love travel know that half the fun is preparing for the trip.  I have been busy messaging friends and people who I know are familiar with some of the places I will soon be.  Local guides and friends add flavor and relaxation to any foreign environment.  I received a brief lesson on the Turkish language from my friend Baha, who will hopefully join us in Istanbul and/or Prague. 

The weeks ahead hold further preparation, not only of gear and guides but of mind and body.  Anna and I will have to educate ourselves more on cultural customs, historical significance of locations, and smart travel tips so that we can be responsible tourists.  Our feet and bodies will be run down quick if we don't start conditioning them for long active days.  Anna LOVES sleep, she is like a is unbelievable!  I spend most of my day at work at a desk.  So we both have limitations to overcome to be ready.


~To enjoying the crisp peace of the changing seasons.

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