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Welcome to my online travel journal!

Exactly 9 years ago I was preparing for my first international trip.  I was off to Europe with the Spanish and French Club of Dickinson High School.  It was a dream to be able to go that came true thanks in large to my parents and grandparents.  Ever since that experience I have been completely in awe of the world, the many cultures, and the people of other countries!  There is so much variety on this planet and it is thrilling to see and experience bits and pieces of it!

Throughout college I dreamed of being able to backpack through Europe but the opportunities available at the time just didn't seem right so I told myself I would go after graduation.  The time is here!  I am beyond excited for this adventure; in fact I feel brainwashed right now as I plan out the details and search for the right gear to buy.

It is mid-August and at the begining of July, Anna and I were on our way to weddings for the weekend and talking about life.  OUr conversation led us to going on a trip together!  I had been planning on going for awhile, leaning more towards South America as my destination but after some searching and discussing, we came across a tour that starts in Cairo and ends in Istanbul and knew that was the one!  A few weeks passed and we finally reserved our spots.  The tour has a maximum capaity of 12 so I am pretty pumped to meet our fellow travelers.  We are sure to get to know them as we will be experiencing this tour together for 3 weeks.

After reserving our spots on the tour, we received the notes and were blown away!  The preparation began!  We found out that we are recommended to bring a backpack with about 20 lbs of belongings.....which terrifies us, but we are working on it.  I am pretty sure I will have about double that as we will continue into Europe after the tour.

Our Europe adventure plans have changed many times.  Orignally our plan was to go to Greece and Italy.  Now we will be venturing into Bulgaria to visit friends, on to Romania and then the Czech Republic, which is special to us since we are both Bohemian!

Almost daily we are searching something from plane tickets, train tickets, maps, backpacks, hostels, sight seeing, rental cars, safety tips (yes mom and dad we are trying out best to be responsible and smart!), water purification, hiking shoes, visas, and more!  It is amazing how much preparation can be done; not required, but will definitely make for a more enjoyable time as well as save money.

We are set to leave October 1st, so over the next month and half we will be counting down the days, buying gear, practicing our packing, and getting in shape! 


~To living life as the adventure it is!
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photo by: daveruz90