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I am wrapping up the rest of the trip into this blog. It has been a fun trip. I guess one night very late Rob was kicking back in the jacuzzi and the crazy woman I mentioned before decided to join him. Of course she was pretty intoxicated. So they are sitting there talking and Rob said it was about some weird stuff when she said they should pray to the moon goddess. Rob said he wasn't involved in the praying. I guess however that one of the rituals of praying to the moon goddess was to take your top off.  Now we have known since the beginning of the trip that her chest had been enhanced by modern medicine. What we didn't know was for whatever reason she didn't have any nipples. It was just all smooth skin. If I remember correctly Rob had nightmares that night after he went to bed.
One of the funniest things to happen was  on our last night. I remember waking up around 3am hearing something. I just thought it was a towel we left on the rail to dry was flapping on the side of the boat. So when I got up in the morning I didn't notice anything different. I went down to get breakfast and Chuck joins me and says " did you see what Shawn did?" I said now what's going on? Chuck says he had a night mare and broke two of the ceiling tiles. Of course Shawn was embarrassed, and we didn't help by teasing. He said he had a nightmare that he was diving in one of the lava tubes and the ceiling collapsed upon him and he was trying to get out. Now I know it wasn't a towel slapping on the side of the boat that woke me up.
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