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After a long week at work in Brussels I was really looking forward to my weekend in Lithuania. My fellow Travbuddy and good internet friend Ewooce (Ieva) had shown me so many pictures of the country that I knew that I would like it and I had also some must-see on my list.

I was flying with Baltic Air to Vilnius and I was arriving quiet late local time due to a delay of almost one hour in Brussels airport. The flight went as such very well and I was sitting next to a very beautiful Lithuanian girl and that was not the last beautiful girl in this wonderful country.

The airport in Vilnius is a mix between old and new; the area that meets you first is new, but when you enter the transit area it was stepping back to an old railway station.

I was looking for the Hertz car rental and found it to the left in the arrival area. I was not first in line in front of was a French couple standing and I had a great time watching them. I would guess that the both were academics and had been concentrating about their books all their life – anyway that was the impression they left me with.

Everything that they had to present in order to rent the car, like driving license, credit card and passport was lost or they had no clue to where they had put it. I watch them empty her bag 3 times; and my God she had loads of stuff in there. I gave up being in a hurry (I actually wasn’t) and really started to enjoy the scene.

The questions they were asking this poor rental guy was also far out; but the couple were always smiling and friendly. They also excusing their mess to me, but I said to them just to take it easy. After they finally got answers on all their questions and got all the paperwork done, they left for the parking lot and their car.

The guy behind the counter almost cracked, when they had left and excused towards me and said that it probably was the first time they had rented a car. I quickly got my papers done and received my car key and went for the parking lot.

At the parking lot they were still there; the husband was trying to open the trunk to put in the luggage while the woman went to me and asked how to turn on the lights!! She had been studying the instruction book but had been lost in the Lithuanian language, which I understood; not the language but why she was lost.

I helped her with the main things in the car and made sure that the trunk opened as well so they could move on. I wished them a good trip and made sure that I left before them.

The drive in to the city was very simple and very short. I had looked in a map before my arrival and I rather quickly found the Holiday Inn hotel that I had booked. The hotel had a free secured parking behind the hotel, which you don’t find many places and the service was good at the reception.

I went straight to bed with my Lonely Planet book because I wanted to get an early start the next morning; I had a lot to see and only a short time to do it in. 

sylviandavid says:
Christian, I also wanted to say how nice it was that you decided to go with the flow and not get annoyed at this couple.... sounds like they were just a couple who were trying it .... and you helped ease their first few minutes..... Hopefully others stepped in along the way for them..... People are so nice .... Good Job! Sylvia
Posted on: Jan 04, 2009
Chokk says:
Wow - thank you! It is nice when you have the time and do the right thing. It is not all the time though! Thanks ;*
Posted on: Aug 24, 2008
Sunflower300 says:
I could start with a smarty-pants comment like, "Did your lonely planet keep you warm at night?" But that's just silly. :D So instead, I will comment on the French couple.
Working in the travel industry, I see these people every day, people who want to see more of the world than their everyday life, but they are so out of their comfort zone they end up never taking another trip if they don't get some sort of helping hand along the way, after diving in head first unprepared. I'm so pleased you stopped to help these people, and I truly hope they are not frightened off travelling because they see it as all too hard. Those of us who have travelled extensively, have to stop and think how hard it might be for a newbie to go out into the world with no experience, it would be like starting a new job with no previous experience, no training and just told to wing it. Some seasoned travellers make travelling look so easy that people new to it don't realise what the pitfalls might be if you don't do the proper research, be properly organised, and ask as many questions as you can before leaving home.
So, thank you Christian for taking the time to help these people out. :) You are a gem.
Posted on: Aug 24, 2008
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