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I had a bit of luck today got an early train to florance. Got in to florance at 11 o clock in the morning so everthing was lokking good the hostel was in walking distance from the train station. so i navegated towards it, when set out my route i did not plan for a thousend tourist shops that are in the streets arround the local market so i had to take a little detour because i did not wanted to trough the shops with all my gear on. I got my first glimps of the main cathedral what impressive. That thing is hudge. My hostel was on a street that connected with the duome plaza. so that was easy. it was only a bit confusion to find the right number, you know there are two numbers 104 in the same street? it was a surprise to me i could not be randstad (an empoymant agency).

so i got to the right number, i walked up the stairs all the way to the top flour NO HOSTEL. what the f$°k, apparently these kind of houses has 2 staircases one in the front and one in the rear. ????? i got to the hostel a verry nice lady answerd the door, it smeld realy nice she was already making preparations for diner.       
FULL, no place for me. that is what you get when you don't plan a head. but she was really nice and called another place around the corner if they had room. So they did and i went to this other place with was also nice.

After checking in i went out for my first walked around florance what a nice city this is.

The next morning i went to the museum accademica, thats the museum that houses the famus statue of david by michaelangelo.

It was a shame that you cant make pictures, what an impressive statue that is it almost seamed alive. Its made from one peace of white marble and it almost seams not real. It is so detaild, with vains on his arms. The musles on his legs and upper body are so finly detaild, his hands an feet that they could make that some 500 years ago. it left me quit speachless. The rest of the museum was allright but david was the main atraction.

There is another statue of david but that is a fake on that is placed on piazza michaelangelo it is located on a hill on the edge of the center of florancethe statue is the same but the views from there are spectacular, you have a good view over florance and the surrounding area. A little further up the hill there is a monestary with a church attachet to it this little church is spectacular in its simplicety its not overloaded with gold and all.
its has beautifull frescoes on the wall still in exelent condidtions. It is some thing completely different then other churches there are.

On the way back i past ponte vecchio that is bridge from the middle eages that has survifed the world wars. in the second w.w. it's rescue is a little unclear one story is that hitler himself had given orders not to blow the bridge up. In the other story there are orders to blow up the bridge but the local commander did not do it.

the next day i used to wonder around florance to see this city a bit better and also to plan a bit a head for the next few weeks because i planed my trip out of italy already. I am flying to dublin on the 28 of march.     


Petra2111 says:
Prachtige stad!! Mooie foto's Dennis!!
Posted on: Mar 19, 2009
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