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They say that all roads lead to Rome, well in my case the rail roads. The journey up to Rome was stunning, it took me a little over 3 hours to get here by train.  Trough the country side of umbrie and lazio. it was a pleasant journey with amazing views allong the way. The problems that's come from many roads lead to rome is that there are lot's of people are in rome. That and the fact that there was a big soccer match Rome -Juventus that weekend (i arrived on a friday) a rugby match France-Italy and to top it of the rome marathon on sunday. Guess what, the first 3 hostels did not have a bed free how strange HAHAHA. So i was "forced" to go to a hostel that was not verry nice.

I checked in there for 2 nights so i had the time to look if hostels had avalebillety in the next few days. I was fortunate enough to find a hostel that had beds free in 2 days time.

Another strange thing happend that i want to share with you because it was realy strange. When i was walking around to find a hostel a man in a car was calling out to me "do you have a map let mee see" so the helpfull traveller i am i did and showed him the right way. He asked me where is was from i said holland, the man went, My doughter is ther emy wife is there and my son is there. He showed me a picture of his doughter.A photo in a magazine, a model. He said that he was a manager for calvin klein and that he liked me and he was giving me 2 leather jackets  worth over €2000,- if i was kind enough to give him a little petrol money.

Because he was running verry low on petrol, that i saw. I respecfully declined that offer, because it seemed a "bit" strange.  That was my first encounter with Rome i must say it was the least a bit funny.

what is there to say about rome. its a city i had to grow in to because the first day i thought is this it? is this the city that every body thinks is so great. Whell i must say i spend 7 days in rome and did not have a minute regreat of it, it is all it clames to be.
The vatacan museum is a hudge museum and you can spend a long time there but the only things i realy liked was the painting's by raphael and the sistine chapel. Amazingly what a great artists.

There is in another church a statue  by michealangelo this one he made for the funeral monument for pope julias (but never got on the monument) this is moses with 2 horns and a waist long beard, absolutly amazing.
I cant begin to describe what this works of art do to me i am beginning to be a fan of michealangelo!!!! that of a man who dont likes art!!!.

The colloseum is a hudge building that in its days was absolutly amazing. Over the years after they had stop using the colloseum the have used the materials for other buildings so the building was half demolishd but if you see the building and think that it was coverd with marble and bronse statue's on the 2/3 levels and had even an rain cover and could held between 40.000 and 70.000 people. it was a great building in its eara.

in the whole of rome there are a lot of those building to be found i cant even to begin to imagin what rome would have looked liked a few honderd years ago.

i know for sure that i will return one day to see these wonders again.
Petra2111 says:
Heb genoten van je foto's Dennis, zo veel herinneringen!
Posted on: Jul 13, 2010
misstravel89 says:
I love rome!!
Posted on: May 13, 2009
KeikoCreative says:
Hi Dennis, missing u in the Queensday meetup, how's your travel so far? Where are u now?
Posted on: May 04, 2009
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The olympic flame?????
The olympic flame?????
The olympic flame?????
The olympic flame?????
photo by: vulindlela