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I had been driving from Rockton, which is on I-90 at the IL/WI border, switched to I-94, and had just crossed into Minnesota, about a mile or two after crossing the St. Croix actually, when a massively horrible sound makes its way from my rear passenger brake casing (or, whatever it's called) to my ear.  I am in the left of 3 or 4 lanes, so I pulled off to the left.  I couldn't see anything wrong as I looked my car over, but I knew it couldn't be good with the noise it made.  I saw that there was a rest area very close to where I was, so I got my car up to speed, crossed the 3-4 lanes of traffic, got on the exit ramp for the rest area (the horrible noise going this whole time) and then the horrible noise blessedly stopped ... however in place of the noise was the sensation of the car being off balance, a new noise of metal being scraped across concrete and the visual of my rear passenger side wheel (with half of the brake casing, or whatever it's called) bouncing next to and eventually ahead of me.

  I was able to maneuver my car off the lane of traffic on to the shoulder ... it stopped pretty quickly with the added friction ... and watched my tire bounce & roll ... directly towards the rest area.  Although the whole event couldn't have taken very long, my mind zipped through all the possible things a 45 MPH rogue tire could wreak havoc upon: children being the key one I was worried about (a thankfully empty playground was just to the left of the wheel's trajectory).  In the end it was a 2001 Yellow Saturn SC2 from Iowa that stopped my wheel, using its front bumper and quarter panel to do so.  Immediately after my tire's escape was squelched, I noticed a spew of liquid pour from under the hood of the Saturn.

fwd 5-10 min.

The lady who owned the Saturn was pretty nice.  She was just worried because she was bringing her dog to a dog show.  The liquid was just windshield washer fluid, and her car was safe to continue.  We exchanged insurance info, and a Washington County Sheriff called a tow truck for me.

dizygothic says:
Posted on: Aug 27, 2008
alyssa_ob says:
makes for a great story, doesn't it? bummer that it happened to you though
Posted on: Aug 13, 2008
the_bill says:
Why am I picturing Fred Flinstone when I read this? ;)
Posted on: Aug 12, 2008
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My wheels target
My wheel's target
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