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I did not sleep well – only a few hours and awoke with my shoulder sore as I slept in the same position which was on a shoulder I blew out many years.  Yes, it has healed My back hurt and I decided that it was a good time to watch some movies that I had purchased to replace the DVDs I gave to my students in Nakhchivan.  

Later, I borrowed mom’s car and drove around Hartford City for a little bit.  Actually, you can only drive around Hartford City a little bit because it is such a little town.  I drove to Marsh’s Supermarket.  This was another journey into reverse culture shock.  Even many of the big markets in Baku could easily be contained within the confines of a few aisles of this place.  I found fascination with the sliced bread and the massive selection of soy sauce.  I got confused when I tried to buy some cereal.   There was a total aisle set aside for it.  I remembered the little market close to where I lived in Baku having usually had a choice of three – a bag of corn flakes, Nestle Kosmonaut cereal and some chocolate Nestle cereal.  Suddenly I had choices of so many cereals that I just grabbed one and kept moving.  I went to the check out aisle and found the debit machine to be a wonderful thing but a little weird to operate.  After dropping my groceries off in the car, I walked over to the YMCA, which was in the same building as the grocery store.   As I was getting ready to walk across the crosswalk, there was a car coming.  I instinctively stopped.  After two years of conditioning that all drivers are possible homicidal maniacs bent on running over any and all pedestrians who would have the mere inkling of walking in front of them, I really did not trust that little old lady behind that silver Cadillac even after she waved me over.  I crossed the parking lot driveway staring at the lady with a look that was a combination of shock, disbelief, fear and uncertainty while side stepping all of the way.

IceTea says:
Trust me Ronnie, I still get confused everytime I walk down the aisle in a supermarket and get the choice between a hundred different sorts of Joghurt or noodles or whatever. I'll never get over it.lol
Posted on: Oct 17, 2008
Scott_Toscano says:
"The Paradox of Choice" my friend. I'm sure I'll be feeling the same thing if I ever make it back home. This place may just devour me yet...

ps- I wouldn't trust those little old ladies behind the wheel of a big ole Caddie!!!
Posted on: Aug 14, 2008
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