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I was fortunate enough to be seated next to a small Azeri woman and her UK husband.  I was fortunate namely do the fact the lady was small and there was not a battle for the armrest with her.  She was so small that she was able to curl up in a coach seat and go to sleep.   The in-flight entertainment was the movie Drillbit Taylor which was not a bad movie and was worth a few laughs.  I actually fell asleep on the flight, which has been almost impossible for since I got out of the Army.  When I was in the Army, I was a paratrooper and jumped out of perfectly good airplanes while in flight.  Since that time, when I fall asleep while flying, I almost always dream that I am going to jump out of my current flight and that always wakes me up.

Almost the Scariest Thing a Pilot Can Say

The pilot said something during the flight while not the scariest thing he could say was still somewhat alarming.  I would consider the pilot saying one of the following much scarier: sobbing uncontrollably “God, please forgive me”; screaming “WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE”; or muttering, “Screw it! I no longer a reason to live.”  

While those things would be the scariest things a pilot could say during a flight, our pilot said, “The winds are blowing in a southwestern direction...uhhh...excuse me...they are blowing in a northwestern direction.  I cannot get my directions right today.”  My thoughts were: “Excuse me?  You cannot get your directions right today and you are piloting this plane?  Man, they will let anyone be a pilot nowadays.”  I was almost expecting when we landed for the him to say, “Welcome to Baghdad!  We hope you enjoy your stay!”


We started our descent into, thankfully, Heathrow.  I will say that London looks incredible from the air.  I have yet to visit the UK and I hope to do so some day soon.  I have always met someone from the UK wherever I have traveled, except for Nakhchivan, and I have always enjoyed their friendliness.  We actually arrived about 10 minutes early, and while there were buses waiting for us, we had to wait 15 minutes for the stairs.  I had two hours between flights and was concerned after hearing about some of the headaches of Heathrow.  Additionally I had to get another boarding pass at the airport and cross the entire airport to another terminal.  Thankfully, I was one of the last persons to get on the first bus to the terminal.  The lines were short to get through security and get a boarding pass.  I made it to my next flight with enough time to get a little to eat.

IceTea says:
Heathrow is a mess. There is always lots of bus rides, more walking and bags that just disappear and get found when you're lucky.
Posted on: Oct 17, 2008
eejot says:
I had a pilot once say "Ladies and gentlemen, we are experiencing a slight engineering problem..." but I swear everyone heard "...we are experiencing a slight engine problem..." haha ...happy days
Posted on: Sep 08, 2008
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